Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sokcho Beach


I first decided going to Busan (Haeundae Beach), because it's famous beach in South Korea. But I went there last summer with my boyfriend. Then my boyfriend tried seeking some nice place in South Korea to explore. The, he asked me whether I wanna go to Gangwon-do or not. Of course I said yes for that. I never say NO for this kind of plan specially travel. I was So excited.

Otw to Gangwondo
The weather was super cool and clear

Saturday morning, we took a bus from Seoul to Sokcho in Express Bus Terminal. It took four hours to get there. It's far but I was happy, I didn't feel tired because my boyfriend was sitting next to me ....

After arrived in Sokcho terminal, with a suitcase, we went to Hotel. Then we went out getting something that we need for Beach outing. In order to have "Beach feel", we decided to buy beach pants, towel and a ball.

My stuffs that I had with me during my trip

When we reach the beach, we were completely stunned by the crowd. There was full of big umbrellas. Sooooo.... crowded from Young to Old!!!! Uhhh…Too exticed!!! Can't wait to jump into the sea. 

The little girl is so cute in her bikini

People were enjoying their day

The funny thing is that, the weather is too HOT but the water is to COLD like ice water. Unlike in East Timor, the sea water is warm throughout the year. Also, the coarse sand was a bit hard on the feet, so we brought a pair of sand shoes or sandals.

He was trying hard to get the doll for me ㅋㅋㅋ

After dinner (We had chicken), we chucking again to the beach. The view was so damn amazing. Lots of people displayed fireworks, so wonderful at night.

Night at Gangwon-do Sokcho beach
Playing a game around the beach and stuff
I really had a lot of FUN there

For you guys who want to visit that place, click out the link below for getting more information:

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