Monday, December 26, 2011

I Love My Room

I am a girl who loves tidy room, everything in order and clean, because I feel like I am in heaven when everything looks cool. I can say that my room is just the best place on this planet. I used to have a room which had the most characters among other rooms in my house in East Timor, because when I came home from school, I spent most of my time in my room. When my friends came to my house, they always praised me that I am good at tidying room to look nicer hehehehe...

Since I came here (South Korea), I always live in dormitory and you whoever stayed or stay in dormitory may know that you must share a room with others. Sometimes you share room with a really good roommate, sometimes you don’t. Lucky you who loves everything in order (like me) share room with people that you prefer. And lucky you too who loves messy things share with the same people like you in a room. 

My order desk
My first time @ Bellarmino dorm

 In my case, I like sharing room with people who know putting things in right place, in order, also understand and respect their roommates. It just perfects when two people use a room rather than four people use a room like the dorm that I am living in now. When I first came to Korea, I stayed in Kongju National University's dormitory. As I said it is good sharing a room with one person, but I lived with a horrible roommate (I'm sorry friend). Yeah, actually she is nice, but gosh she was so messy that time. You could find everything in everywhere. Our room looked so terrible and messy, since there was no daily cleaning chores for us. 

However, I still remember, during I stayed there for six month, I always kept my place clean, and always tidied my place (Only in my space). I swear I couldn't study well because of the messy room. I always counted day, hoped that time could pass quickly so I could move to Seoul and find a good atmosphere to stay.

Finally, after six months I moved to Seoul and stay in Sogang University's dormitory, named Bellarmino (until now), where four people use a room together. The room is small, but there is a leaving room, complete with a set of sofa and TV on each floor, a refrigerator, a microwave, also a pair of washing  machines. At first, I regretted to stay in this dormitory, because I felt like I was in a jail. However, as time goes on I got used to it. At my first semester, I stayed with good roommates. 

Well, in this dorm, every semester you have to change the room and change roommates as well. It’s annoying to change the room, because you need to pack all your stuff, move to another room, and order your stuff again, but the good thing is that you can find new roommates. Yeah, sometimes I live with horrible roommates too, who are messy, and who don’t respect others when they sleep or study. I mean, the annoying roommates. Actually, I don’t like sharing room with those kinds of roommates, and I don’t like sharing room with a talkative people as well. I really hate it. but there is no choice because it is dorm not my own house. We have to follow all the rules of the dorm. I cannot do things up to me since the whole dorm is not mine. 

Even though, I still love my own place whenever I am, because I can always escape the outside world and concentrate on other important things in my life. Also, it shows how I have become independent and moved on in my life. Specially my desk, I spend most of the time on my desk for studying, making up, watching dramas and surfing internet.

In the next semester after my vacation back home, I hope I could share room with really really good roommates or not the new student or sophomore. I just want to stay with people who study hard and respect others at least.

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Claire said...

LOL. I enjoyed reading your blog. I think we both are the same. I hate living with horrible and annoying people as well.

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