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Jeju Island

Have you ever heard about Jeju Island? Im sure that except Korean, those who love travelling or who love Korean dramas and K-pop may know about Jeju Island. Three years back, Id no idea about Jeju island, but after I felt in love with Korean dramas, movies and TV shows, I found out that the island is one of the best and beautiful islands in South Korea.

As described in several blogs, Jeju Island is known as the Island of the Gods which is the popular tourist destination. Jeju Island is the top honeymoon destination for Korean newlyweds and as one of the best honeymoon destination in the world. Jeju Island offers so many choices of activities such as riding horse, hiking on Halla Mountain (한라산) which is South Koreas highest peak, touring all locations from favorite Korean dramas, catching sunrises and sunsets all over the ocean, or just lying around on the sandy beaches. Because of its beautiful scenery, Jeju Island has been chosen as one of the New Seven Wonders in the world in 2011.

The West of Jeju
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The East of Jeju
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So, I am lucky that I have been to Jeju for two times hehehehe... It was in January 2011, my personal trip with my boyfriend, and in March 2011 for attending Seogwipo Rape Flower International Walking Festival.

January 2011 
I went there for spending my winter break with my boyfriend. It was my first time visiting Jeju Island, and it was just one of those trips where I got into it without planned, and not really know what to expect, and everything just worked out perfectly. My boyfriend made a surprise for me (I love him). He got me ticket, booked the hotel, and then called me the day before the trip, told me to pack my stuff. OMG, I was so excited. 

Ever since there is a plan for traveling on my agenda, I always prepare things quickly just in a short time, and on time. I mean, I always get up earlier, or even cant sleep at night before the day of the traveling because I cant wait for the time and feel excited hehehehe. 

Tuesday, 25 January, was the day of our trip. I went to Gimpo International Airport by subway. Luckily, I arrived at the airport without any problems, so did my boyfriend. I arrived there first, and waited for him around 15 minutes before he came. We then checked up and entered to the waiting room. Our trip was 2-night and 3-day. Our tour to Jeju Island is as following:

Day one (Tuesday, January 25) 
So, we arrived at Jeju International Airport at 12pm. It was a little windy, but was not as cold as in Seoul. We took a taxi and went to the Hotel. It didn't take that long getting to the hotel, because the hotel is close to the airport. Plus, he already booked a room online, so we went there, got the key and went to our room.

After putting all of our stuffs in the room, we then went out for having lunch. The restaurant that we went to was next to the hotel. We had fresh Jeju black pig meat. It was delicious and the price wasn’t expensive. When we finished the lunch, he took me to the Yongduam Rock (Dragon Head Rock) by taxi. He had been there before, so he knew good places for visiting even the way how to get to those beautiful places that already listed on our schedule. Yongduam Rock is near the airport and near to our hotel too.

@ Jeju City, Yongduam Rock

Yongduam Rock, Jeju City

When I got out from the taxi, just three words came out from my mouth “WOW!!!” The view was so beautiful, and it was snowing a little, but not that cold as well. We started exploring that place, ate nearby odeng, ate Jeju orange and took a bunch of photos. After that, we went back to the hotel and took a shower. Well, we got dinner with my boyfriend’s friend, Mr. Lee, so we were waiting for him to pick us up to a restaurant named Victoria.

Dinner @ Victoria Restaurant

Dinner @ Victoria restaurant

Victoria restaurant

Oh boy, that restaurant looks expensive. Whew, free diner! What a Day!!! We had fresh seafood pasta. After our great dinner, we went back to the hotel, took a nap for two hours, and then continued our next plan. We took a taxi and headed to Love Land.

Love Land, Jeju City

I was wandering about Love Land, so we made our way there. We paid 9000 won for admission fee per person and see what all the fuss was about. Oh My Lord! I was absolutely shocked that such a place could exist in this country (South Korea).

I was about to kick him because he touched the sculpture's butt

Ok, I don't get this. What the hell was the artist trying to say with this ??? 

Us inside the Love Land 

I think they are the cutest one. The simplest of all the sculptures 

Basically, it is a museum for adults, especially couples and it was educational but vulgar. GOD, Korean really have unique things for attracting the visitors. Anyway, when we finished exploring that land, we took a taxi and went back to the hotel, because we already got really tired.

     Y Day two (Wednesday, January 26) 
@ Jusangjeolli Seaside Cliff 

We woke up at 9am, had a leisure breakfast, and then prepared to explore the Seogwipo city. Firstly, we went to the Jusangjeolli Seaside Cliff (주상절리) by bus. We got off at the Convection Hall, and took a walk to the cliff. It was beautiful.

Jusangjeolli Seaside Cliff

Us @ Jusangjeolli Seaside Cliff

Us @ Jusangjeolli Park

Among the many scenic beauties and natural wonders, the Jusangjeolli Cliffs is one of the most mesmerizing. And, yes Jusangjeolli is freaking gorgeous. But, it's not free to enter the location. We had to buy a ticket which cost us 2000 won per person. 

Secondly, we went to African Museum which is located across the street of Jusangjeolli. I was wondering when I first saw the building of the museum, because the building’s exterior is modeled on the largest mud brick building in the world “The Great Mosque of Djenne” in Mali. We went inside, bought two tickets.

African Museum

Korean TV drama: Playful Kiss (장난스러운 키스) scene @ African Museum

When we got inside, my eyes immediately fixed to the big wooden statue of Crocodile. Crocodile is the symbol of my country (East Timor), so since I saw it, I suddenly missed my country and my family. However, I was a little scary of it even though it’s just wooden statue.

The Wooden Statue of Crocodile on the first floor,
and it is the symbol of my Country East Timor

Me inside the building with the plush dogs, on the third floor "souvenir shop"

Us outside the building

Again, us outside the building

By the way, the breadth of the collection in the museum is quite impressive, representing art from many different parts of Africa. On the first floor of the museum is for artistic and photographic exhibitions, while the second floor is devoted to the museums collections. On the second floor there were exhibitions of photos that showed various people in their traditional dresses and ceremonial costumes. The third floor is devoted to the souvenir shop, which filled with expensive things, and other things such as plush dogs, Mexican related items, and so on. 

After one hour and a half exploring the museum, we then went to Teddy Bear Museum by a taxi, and had burger for lunch there. It looks boring when you see the outside of the museum, but it doesn't look boring inside.

Cute teddy bear couple
Teddy Bear couple in Korean traditional wedding dress
If you have watched GOONG "Princess Hours",  
one of the popular Korean dramas. I bet you must know this ;)

@ the park of Teddy Bear Museum

@ Teddy Bear Museum Park

The next destination was Chocolate Land. Chocolate land has chocolates from all regions of the world. And my favorite part was sampling the chocolates that were available. It worth the admission of 2000 won. Chocolate smells good and yummy. 

The front view of the Chocolate Land & Museum

Large teddy bear and me inside the Chocolate Land building

Our last destination was Yeomiji Botanical Garden. We went there after the Chocolate Land adventures. The weather suddenly became very windy. I swear it got me shivering down out spine.

Me inside the house of Yeomiji Botanical Garden

My BF @ Yeomiji Botanical Garden

My BF @ Yeomiji Botanical Garden

In Yeomiji Garden, there are several green houses with different themes, such as flower garden, cactus and succulents garden, tropical fruits garden, jungle garden, and aquatic plant garden. After completed all the plans, we then went back to the hotel. We were lucky that we grabbed a taxi which only cost us 10.000 won back to the hotel. It took us forever, almost one hour as I remember. When we got the hotel, we went to a restaurant had samgyopsal for our last dinner in Jeju. 

     Y Day three (Thursday, January 27) 
Ok, the last day of my trip in Jeju Island
Before we left, I dig beg my BF to take me to this place
for getting a photo of me riding horse

Today day is the day where we must say goodbye to Jeju. Before chucking to the airport, I decided to having a photo me riding a horse. So, he told me to go to the airport for checking up first. After checked up, we went to the place nearby airport and rode a horse. I was happy, finally I rode a horse and he took me 2 photos. I really wanted to ride with him but he was reluctant, so I rode alone. 

We also got bunch of sweet Jeju oranges and some chocolates before went back home. Felt sad that we couldn't explore many others places, but I believe we will go back once we get a chance.

Overall it was amazing trip. We went back home safe and sound, and we parted at Dangsan station. I really enjoyed the trip. I hope I could go there next time, or if I got a Job in Korea, I really want to live in Jeju.

Places that we have been visited are in the links bellow. Check it out:


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