Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Yes, I keep listening to the Christmas songs, because I wanna get Christmas feeling. It looks beautiful everywhere, Christmas songs, the beautifully decorated shopping mall, with the big Christmas trees and the toys, with the lights, OMG~! Its Christmas!!! 

But, those Christmas things can only be seen in crowded places such as Myeongdong, Gwanghwamun square, Sinchon, etc. 

Seriously, I feel so happy. Christmas time is always a magical time of the year for me. I always have different things to do on Christmas, and spend Christmas with different peoples in different place too. Well, just a week left, then this year is gonna end. Hope for the new things, set new goals for the coming year, plus I am gonna be old (This is sad L). 

Christmas this year was my favorite one, because it was SNOWING!!! I mean, the weather wouldn't cold whenever it is snowing, that's why I like it. Not so windy like the last year. So, I could go out and stayed outside for the whole night LOL :D.

Merry Christmas!!!

White Christmas @ Namsam Tower 

On Saturday December 24th, I woke up late at 3pm. Yeah, no wonder I always get up late when I am on vacation time J. I took the shower and prepared myself went out with my boyfriend. We spent our Christmas around Incheon. Actually, he had a test on Monday 26 December, but he stole his time to spend Christmas with me. Aw, he is so sweet. Anyway, the weather was cold, but not that cold hehehe, and there, in Incheon, before 24 December, it was snowing more than in Seoul. On the way to Incheon I could not see the rest of snowing, but when I arrived at Juan station, I could see everywhere was covering with snow. 

He and I went to a simple restaurant near Inha University and had dinner there. Even though the restaurant is simple, but the menus at the restaurant are OK. The food that I ordered was delicious and it wasn't expensive. I had pork barbecue and my boyfriend had chicken tongkase (I don't understand why he likes tongkase?). 

When dinner was finished, finally, we then went to a shopping center for shopping. But, just after 15 minutes I started to feel hungry, so I persuaded my boyfriend to got me hot odeng soup. I swear the odeng that I had was the best odeng that I have tried in my life in Korea. 

That time, I could not hear any Christmas song. I don't understand why they didn't play any Christmas song even in the shopping center in that place. So crispy and weird!!! GOD, it just made me wanna go back home and spent my favorite holiday there. However, I was with my boyfriend so I felt a little OK spending Christmas with him.  

수제햄부대 대박 맛있었당^^

On the next day, Sunday December 25th we had 수제햄부대 for lunch. Well, this is my favorite Korean food after Samgyopsal and Kalmaegi. WHEW  맛있었당 ^^!!! By the way, my boyfriend had to go to the reading room, preparing for the test tomorrow, so we parted in Juan Station.

I had a wonderful Christmas and had the pleasure spend time with my boyfriend. I hope you guys out there had wonderful Christmas too.   


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