Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Low-Tech Life Style

As the unveiling of the devices every time these days, people become more attracted to these products. They never mind whether these are expensive or not because of the flawless advertisement through TV and other medias. People become influenced and finally they want to have those things. We all recognized that high-tech devices progress rapidly and make people's lives more convenient. However, some people still stick to their low-tech lifestyle. I also prefer to live a low-tech life because of some reasons.

The first reason is the newest devices are always expensive. A company always gains more profits from their first launch of their new product because they know that their new product will be accessible by more people, for instance IPod, Smartphone, Ipad, etc. I know that these devices are not the primary necessity for me. I prefer to use what I have before and not to buy the newest devices. My mom used to tell me to spend money for something that I really need. Once, when I was a high school student, I persuaded my mom to get me a digital camera. However, she said to me, "If you use that camera until everlasting, then I will get you one". That time I realized that I can use my phone for taking pictures instead spending money just for getting a digital camera.

The second reason is that I am the one who can only spend money for something that I really need, or for my basic need. For me, having the latest and greatest, the coolest and hottest, the most bells, whistles and flashing lights are never that important. In many ways replaced hours we would have spent with others. Today, as in fact many teenagers sit in front of their computer screen and contact others by via Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, and whatever the next big new thing in social media will be. There is almost no time to just hang out with friends. I would rather pick up the phone and talk, or actually hang out with friends. It seems like computer screen and LCD occupies a big space in these days.

The third reason is I am happy with my present devices: a cellphone and a laptop. I do not need to get brand new things. Imagine I have my laptop and I buy again the new brand one. Where will I put the other? How inconvenient it is to have two laptops with the new brand and the old brand! I do not want to replace my cell phone with the newest one, when I know that my cellphone is still working as usual, unless it is no longer to use.

Because of these three reasons above, I prefer to live my low-tech life, no matter how many jokes my friend crack and how shocked people are when I tell them that I don't have an mp4 or mp3. I'm sure I'll eventually own all these tecthy stuffs someday when the things I have now become dinosaurs as they will. That may appear to put me behind the curve, but it is okay. I know what's hot and new, but I simply choose not to have it.

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