Sunday, July 25, 2010

Naksan Beach

It was on 25 July 2010, on Saturday noon, we left hotel in Sokcho and headed to Naksan as the continuation of our summer trip to Ganwong-do. Naksan is a small city close to Sokcho and it takes about 15 minutes to get there. We took bus no.9 as we were informed by tourist information center.

Gangwon-do Naksan Beach 

Gangwon-do Naksan Beach 

Otw to the beach 

On the way to the Beach 

During our journey, my boyfriend intended to chat with the bus driver by asking him how long it takes to get to Naksan, even though we were informed that it will take 15 to 20 minutes. I wondered whether he wanted to get the bus driver's attention or he wanted to practice his Korean. Because in Korea when you speak Korean to native people they will praise you like, "Wow your Korean is really good", and it makes you want to talk more. However, I asked him to stop, he said he didn't expect for people to praise him like that. He just wanted to get more information from them.

During our way to Naksan I could notice that everywhere were green hills when I looked at the right side and blue sea when I looked at the left side. After about 20 minutes then we arrived in Naksan, we immediately went to a hotel to make reservation, and as we were allowed to stay in. We went to the bedroom and took a rest for several minutes before went to Naksan beach. At 2 pm we went to the beach, but before that we already packed our belongings that we were going to use for swimming such as beach ball, sunglasses, beach pants, towel, and our camera.

On our way to the beach we had some photos. As we arrived at the beach it was crowded, and we rented a beach umbrella and a yellow Swim Ring. We swam for several hours and then had sun bath, and played with the sand just for fun. At 4 pm, we felt tired we backed to our hotel. All the energy had gone during 2 hours swimming, we then decided to have a rest for a couple of hours before going out to have our great dinner. 

Heart shape 

We woke up at glance at our clock it showed 8:30 pm we then took shower and went out breathing the fresh air of Naksan. As we walk we could hear the sound of music, we approached the music and it was close to a simple restaurant. We ordered our favorite menu and they served the fresh pork that I ever enjoy since my arrival in Korea. I ate all the food that they served excluded some dishes because till now I am not get accustomed to some dishes. As we all full we went to play some games and finally I won the games, so I got two fireworks, a pink little heart and other stuffs. We went to the beach shot the fireworks that I got and then stroll on the beach side for two hours. After that we backed to our hotel and had a rest.

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