Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nami Island

Nami Island is one of the Korean islands on the river Bukhan (Bukhangang, 복한강) on the border between Gyeonggi-do and Gangwon-do (approximately one hour and a half drive from Seoul). Although this place is very popular among Koreans, and can be seen in most Korean dramas (especially in romantic scenes where the boy declares his love to the girl), it’s not usually visited by foreign tourists. The island is small, but quite pretty, perfect to relax for a while and spend the afternoon walking around beautiful scenery.

Getting in the boat

겨울연가 = Winter Sonata

Last year (19 June 2010), after final exam, I met my boyfriend at Daeheng station (line no. 6). We did intend to visit Nami Island. First we went to Insadong. But we couldn’t get a ticket for the bus because we were late. Then we went to the Cheongnyangni Station. Poor us, we had to wait for almost 4 hours.

We went to the subway station at 12 pm, and we leaved from Cheongnyangni station to Gapyeong station at 2:30 pm. We rushed to the train, because we were so excited. Our destination: Nami Island or Naminara Republic, one-way ticket to Gapyeong was 3.800 won. 

Boat Ticket to Nami Island

I was glad the train was not full. The trip took less than one hour and a half from Cheongnyangni station. We arrived at Gapyeong station quite late that evening. Then we decided to stay a night in Hotel. The next day, we took a taxi to Nami Island for 3,700 won. (That wasn’t expensive!) The ticket price was 8.000 won for taking boat to Nami Island.

Korean drama: Winter Sonata 

Korean drama: Winter Sonata


To explore the Island, we rent 2 single bikes. Mine was blue and my BF's was white. We also took lots pictures. At lunch time, we had Chicken and Ice flakes (팥빈수=Patpinsu).

Overall, we really enjoyed our trip. For me, Nami Island is better than ever. The Island became famous for the Korean drama called Winter Sonata in 2009 and it was my first went there. I think Nami Island is good place to visit with your boyfriends or girlfriend, or family and kids.

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