Friday, December 23, 2011

Outing with Friends

Yesterday, (Thursday, 22 December 2011) was a good day. I met my friend Casey (a Myanmar girl) at Sinchon station at 5:30pm. We have not met for long time when she moved from Sogang University to Inha University. She is a nice girl and a kind girl. She came from Incheon to Sinchon just to meet me and Sonia (one of my best friend from East Timor). Also, Sonia came with her pretty Iranian friend named Nastaran. She has gorgeous eyes.

From left: Casey, Sonia, Natha

 We first went to a Mexican restaurant around Sinchon, had chicken grill and chicken fajita for dinner. It cost us 5000 won each person. The menus at that restaurant all are 5000 won. Those are not that expensive, but super delicious. We spent like over 30 minutes at that restaurant for eating, talking, and taking photos.

After that we went to Look Optical shop for our first window shopping activities. Yeah, we always do the same thing, “Window Shopping”, whenever we have no money. It’s fun though. Then we went to game place which is located across the street, of the Look Optical shop, for playing games. We played Car racing game and basket ball game. The next one, we went to U-PLEX department store for our second window shopping activities.

My pretty ladies
From left: Sonia, casey, Nastaran

The weather was pretty cold, so we decided to stay for a while in U-PLEX. While we sat at the sofa on the third floor, we took photos, saw magazine, and talked. After around 30 minutes, then we went down to the first floor and parted there. They went to Club or Bar for having some drink, and I went back home. I don’t like to drink, and there is no fun go to club or bar, that’s why I could not come with them. I used to go to night club and bar last two years ago every weekend without break, but then I changed my habit to spend more time for studying and doing something else except going to club and drinking. I enjoyed the day out with my girls, but felt sorry that I went back home earlier than them, and couldn’t go drink with them. However we still have bunch time later to hang out again.   

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