Monday, December 21, 2009

Self Reflection


I was so happy when I saw the paper that professor gave about final project. Yeah!!! Jenny (진희), Songu (성우) and Jiyun (지윤) with me in a group. That time I did guess that the script might be the comedy because I believe that we were good at acting in that sort genre. But I also felt shy and afraid that can myself help them to write a script or my idea can be accepted by them? Because I sometimes realized that my English is not good enough.  After the last performance of the last class, we gather together and started talking about what we will suppose to prepare for the final exam performance. As the professor said, we should write a synopsis first.

English Through Drama class
Sogang University, Fall Semester 2009

During my first working with my group members, I was very happy because everything was OK, and we really matched each other. There was no fight, and everyone was enjoying in the group, supporting each other. I learned how to work in a group, how to give and accept an idea, how to listen for each other. Wow, lucky me to take this class!

Our team
From left: Jenny, Songu, Jiyun , Natha

The next day, we reported briefly our synopsis, but teacher said it would be hard because the stage that we are going to use is not favorable. So, we did change the script again. We decided to talk about the 3 patients (who with slight mental problems) and one doctor in Sogang mental hospital. It finally accepted.

After a couple of meeting, we still needed to add some lines because according to the teacher our script is too short. So, we did add some lines on the script and also changed the title again from I am Crazy to Madness.

Since the script was finished, we met up to talked about the stuff which we will use on the stage. We rented the patients clothes (we collected 15.00 won each person) and prepared some accessories of Christmas tree.

In the final project, my play was Marilyn. She was someone who suffered from anorexia. She started a diet during her days as an actress. She ended up thinking that she was fat and refused to eat at all. Then one day, she would overeat and the cycle would begin again. I loved my play.

Madness member (I mean us) sometimes did not keep the promise to meet up because some of us had another exam. It made me more worried. But then, my roommate (Sonia) told me that those my group member are good in English and also can memorize their lines quickly, so I believed that our performance will be OK.

In fact, I was really happy because we delivered our lines smoothly and everything went well on the stage. I think the acting of each of us was good, the intonation of speech and pronunciation were good too. Plus, those words that we used actually helped the audience understand better, because we used simple words. 

In addition, our play would have been performed even better, if there were a complete stuff to use. For example the Christmas tree. The best part was that the cohesion between us in the work. It made the successful of our performance.

Overall, I really enjoyed this class and working group with the group members. Thank you so much for Jinni, Jiyun and Songu for your collaboration and everything that you guys did.  다들 소고했어요!!!

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