Friday, November 11, 2011

Jeonju City

It was my second field trip since I became a Sogang University’s student. My first field trip was trip to Ganwong-do Daemyung Vivaldi Park Ski World in winter 2009. My Second field trip was the trip to Jeonju city in autumn 2011. 

On the second field trip, we spent two-day one-night in Jeonju. Jeonju was once the capital of Korea’s Baekje Kingdom, and was also the home of the Joseon Dynasty’s founding king, Yi Seong-gye. I was so excited.

Sogang University team at Jeonju city Henaok Village
11 November 2o11

It was November 11th, known as pepero day, we departed from Sogang University at 9am and arrived at Jeonju at 12pm. On the way to Jeonju, I couldn't spend my time chitchatting with my foreign friends, because I needed to use that time studying for my Data Communication test after back from the trip. Felt so sad ㅠㅠ

When we arrived at our destination, we had pibimpap for lunch. Yes, Pibimpap is popular in Jeonju city, so we needed to taste it first once we got there.

However, it was not that delicious as we expected, and expensive. Maybe we went to the wrong restaurant I guess. After our lunch, we started our plan that already listed on the schedule. 

We first went to look around the Hanok Village, which is just near the restaurant. We went for experiencing Korean culture. We learnt how to do bamboo paper fan. I loved it. They already prepared fans and gave one for each person to paint whatever we want. I draw roses on the fan that I got. 

Bamboo paper fan ~ Before

Bamboo paper fan ~ After

After the drawing stuff, then we moved to the next activity which was learning how to make a Hanji, a traditional paper made from the inner bark of a mulberry tree native to Koreas’s mountainsides. I had so much fun worked with my friends.


When we finished doing the Hanji, we together moved to the Hanok (Traditional Korean homesibuild of clay, wood and stone) learnt the history of hanok and got some other information about hanok itself. We took a bunch of photos (I love doing that and taking photos is my hobby anyway). 

The view of Hanok Village from hill was totally awesome

We also went seeing the famous Jeondong Catholic Church which is located at the entrance of the Hanok Village. The Jeondong Catholic Church was built on the very site of the Pungnammun Gate where the first Korean Catholic martyr was executed. This Romanesque structure reflects a simple beauty; it is said that its cornerstones were built using the stones of the demolished Pungnammun Gate. Major attractions are the memorial stone of the first executed martyr and the cathedral’s stained glass, also depicting the martyrs.

Jeondgong Cathedral 

Diverse Korean dramas/movies were filming here
Such as “Promise” and many more

After four hours doing the activities, we grabbed some dinner together because we got really hungry and tired. Then, we went to another restaurant having beef shabu shabu for dinner. Well, we looked happy when we saw that shabu shabu. Finally, we had meat at least for dinner and it was double delicious than pibimpap that we had for lunch. 

After that, we continued to the next place. Dude! We explored the hanok village without brake. NICE!! Yup, we were still around the hanok, we entered one place of hanok, took a sit, waiting for watching Korean traditional song called "Pan Sori" and other performances. Because it became dark, I started to feel cold. 

Finally, the performances were finished. We then got on the bus, and headed to Hotel. Everyone was tired but looked excited waiting for the next day to continue our journey.

The next day, 12 November, after a leisurely breakfast we prepared continuing our journey to the next city, which is Gimje City to explore Geumsansa Buddhist Temple. The weather was sunny and beautiful. 

It’s not the same as the day before it. I felt so excited. When we got on the bus, I started chitchatting with my friends, eating bananas and oranges with them. After one hour we stopped by one of the restaurant and had lunch. Here we go again~No MEAT, only fresh vegetables that they served. Well, I finished them all, because I did need energy for exploring that city. The restaurant looks great, no houses or any apartment around it. The view also looks great, especially the miscanthus field. I felt like I was in my home country. 

By the way, whenever we were together, we always took photos. When everyone felt full and ready, we continued going to our destination which was Buddhist temple. It took us lest then 30 minutes to get there. WOW, this is what people called the real NATURE!!! That place is wonderful. When I got off from the bus, I felt so fresh, I forgot all of my stress, felt like nothing’s bothering me. I Love that place. As we all got off the bus, we then started to explore Buddhist Temple. 

Temple Unfortunately, all good things came to an end. We had to return to Seoul, so we started to make our way back to the bus stop. However, I'm glad that I got to see these two Jeonju City and Gimje City. I can't wait to be out on the road again and discover another city.

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