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Finally I went on a date with my cousins and sisters. It was the best time ever for me since my arrival in East Timor. My mom's busy and she didn't stay at home for the whole day, so my dad took her place doing housework. Since I was at home, I swear I didn't have enough time hanging out with my family because of helping my dad did the housework.

Well, it was 27 January, around 4pm; I was intended to go out with my sisters and cousins. But, unfortunately I was totally broke. dah!!! Emergency~thought I need to go to Western Union for getting the money that was sent by my boyfriend. And, whew, finally I got the money!!!

After I came back home from Western Union, I realized that it's already 5pm. But, gossshhhhhhhhh~~~the weather was freaky HOT. It seems like it's 1pm. Then I and my cousins and sisters went to Cristo Rei, the giant statue in Dili East Timor. I was sorry for them because they waited me for so long. Hehehehe~~

And when we got there, just after 15 minutes walking, without knowing I got sweat all over my body. Anyway, I had a really good time with them.

The view of Cristo Rei beach from the hill

The beach cove on the Eastern side of Cristo Rei

Cristo Rei Statue, Dili

With my beloved sisters Shandy and Virna 

With my cousin Merlinda

With my cousins Adelina. She is my favorite cousin^^

Sunset in Cristo Rei, Dili City

My pretty younger sister's enjoying her boring afternoon in Cristo Rei Beach Dili

After getting my new passport, I and my sisters took a taxi heading from the Minister of Justice's office which is located in Colmera-Dili to Palacio do Governo (The Government Palace). We planned to take a walk through the sea side until Virgin Mary Statue in Lecidere Park. It was cloudy and wasn't that hot. We We started take a walk and took some photos. The place's still the same as 4 years ago before I leave Dili to Seoul. There’s no big difference for me.

The view from Palacio do Governo

It was shower for a while when we're still around in front of the Palacio do Governo for taking photos. We then continued our step to Lecidere Park. It seemed like my younger sister already got tired, but because of me, she pretended to be ok to walk with us and always showed her smile until we got to the Lecidere Park. (Ow~~I miss her already)

The statue of Saint Mary in Lecidere Park

Once we got there, I saw some people sell coconut around that park. I really wanted to taste the coconut, but I have no money. Plus, my sisters didn't like coconut. What they wanted to have was bakso. Well, the park was redesign into a very beautiful one and better than before. It made me wanted to stay more there, but the weather didn't support us. So, we decided to go back and had bakso in small restaurant.

God, it was almost 10 minutes we were waiting for taxi right in front of the Park's gate to go to the restaurant, but there was no taxi passing by. Finally we got a taxi when it started raining. I quickly opened the door and we got inside. After around 10 minutes, we got to the restaurant.

Afternoon out with my younger sister in front Palacio fo Governo

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