Friday, March 30, 2012

Yongma Waterfall Park

It was summer last year (2011), I planned to visit Yongma waterfall park which is located in Yongmasan with him. I guess you guys wonder how I knew this place. I discovered this place a couple days after my finals, when I was searching for some good places around Seoul to visit on his Iphone4. And finally I found this place. I was so excited that I could find a good place that I have never been before. 

He and I met in front of Belarmino Dormitory where I am living, and we went for lunch at Sogang University's cafeteria. After that, we headed to Sincheon station, and went to our destination by subway.

It took us 45 minutes drove from Sincheon station to Yongmasan station. The weather was pretty hot and cloudy.  

Dah!!! On our way there, He got me pissed of because he kept saying that he didn't like my hairstyle. So, I went to the nearby restroom and redo my hair, and finally he confessed that he liked it.

Oh My ...!!!He got his body wet because of the weather. So did I. We decided to take a rest under a shadow until we felt OK. Then we went to see the water fall. This park actually pretty boring that time. There were not so many people as we expected before. It seemed like people who did picnic were whom lived nearby.

And again, the only attractive part in this park is the rock mountain that the water comes down, where I really like so much. This waterfall is kind of artificial, where it only works according to the schedule that already set up. The operation hour is mainly only at the afternoon, and three times a day, seven days a week. Because we arrived at the time when the waterfall was not operating, we had to wait until the operation hour. It seems like we waited for an hour from our arrival. 

You know what, I was not patient to see the waterfall that is why I kept asking him the time. I could notice that he was laughing at me even if he pretended. 

After wait, wait, and wait, finally it was time to open the waterfall. Whew! I swear the view became more wonderful when the water felt down from the rock. I was so damn excited :). We took a lot of photos with my SONY cam. Well, actually we did take lots of photos before that too. I love taking photo anyway.

Ooooppsss....Suddenly it's raining. We ran to a small house and hid there until the rain stopped. 

Korean weather is too strange. It drove me crazy that summer vacation. I could say because of this crazy weather, I canceled some of my trip plans. You who live in Seoul might know this too. The weather becomes hot after rain and even before the rain too. I hate it. 

Well, then we just to go back to Sinchon. Anyhow, we enjoyed our time. But he looked so tired. He said that he got headache. I thought it was because of rain. Stupid rain!!!

By the way, some foreigners here in Seoul might not know this place maybe. So, I planned to upload those photos that I took to Facebook in order to recommend them for visiting.

I think this place is a lil bigger than waterfall that I visited in Jeju Island. Only the surrounding park looks not that much pretty as Jeju has, plus it looks boring as well (maybe only that time we went there). Also, waterfall in Jeju is Natural one while waterfall in Yongmasan is artificial. However it is still look wonderful with his triple waterfalls, and it is near to Seoul, without entrance fee as well, so people who live in Seoul can go visiting it instead spend lots money for visiting Jeju. 

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