Sunday, April 8, 2012

Visit Aiins World

He and I visited Aiins World which is located in Bucheon city, on summer break last year. Ainss World has 109 miniature monuments from 25 different countries. Here are some photos that I took.

The main gate of Aiins World

London's Thames Bridge

The most famous and highest freestanding mountains in the world
Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

The Acropolis of Athens

Chichen Itza, Mexico

Milan Chatedral, Italy

Roman Colosseum, Italy

Atlantis: the lost Island of Greek

The sinking of Atlantis

Taj Mahal, India 

Abu Simbel Great Sun Temple of Ramses II 
One of the most beautiful in Egypt

The Monastery, Petra's largest monument

Behind him is The Great Sphinx of Giza Egypt

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, German

Eiffel Tower, Paris France

Tower Pisa, Italy

Petronas Twin Tower in Malaysia

La Sagrada Familia
One of Spain's most iconic monuments

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