Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Seoul World Cup Park

This place has become one of my favorite places to chill out since 2009. I love this place because it is made up of five parks: Neoul Park, Haneul Park (Sky Park), Nanji Hangang Park, Nanjicheon Park and Pyeonghwa Park (Peace Park). 
Below are all the pictures of me from 2009 till present.
Haneul Park (하늘 공원) where "Haneul" in English means "Sky"
I feel like I'm walking in the sky whenever I go there

My Favorite photos of the year 2009
Summer 2009 was our first time @ Seoul World Cup Stadium Park
하트 뿅뿅

My Favorite photos of the year 2010
Walking the dog in Spring 2010 with my BF

Again myself @ the park in spring 2010

My Favorite photos of the year 2011
Me on my way to Haneul Park in winter 2011

My favorite spot :) ~ Winter 2011

Me and my BF @ Haneul Park~ Winter 2011

My sister @ Haneul Park ~ Winter 2011

My beloved with me @ Haneul Park ^^ ~ Winter 2011
Spring view @ the park

Spring Flower

Feeling good and fresh!!! Spring 2011

My Favorite photos of the year 2012
Spring flower, 2012

Spring Picnic in the World Cup Park, 2012

I decided how I want to pose for him..hhhhh....:) Silly 
Spring 2012
The best pose of me that he captured, lol 
Spring 2012

Click this link out to find more information about the park: 

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