Thursday, August 23, 2012

JEJU ISLAND - Do Du Bong Park

Do Du Bong Park
제주도의 머리 도두봉공원
It's raining raining!!!
The outside view from my window
It starts raining in Jeju Island
After lunch, we prepared going to City hall of Jeju Island by a Taxi for getting an mp3 player. We saw the weatherboard-cast apps on my Iphone said that it's gonna rain, but we just didn't wanna bring an umbrella with us. Luckily when we got to the city hall, it wasn't that much raining. We first went to Hi Mart and got an mp3, and then we went to Tom and Tom’s coffee shop. After we entered to the coffee shop, it started raining when we were about to drink Americano Coffee and Ice Lemon Tea. 

I felt good when it's raining and myself having my favorite coffee while talking with my BF. We were there for almost 3 hours talking, enjoying the day, and waiting for my BF's friend Mr. Lee to pick us up looking around Jeju City. So, here I found the one of the best places around Jeju City, where from that park we can see the whole city.

Banner map of Do Du Bong Park 
stands on the left side of the stairs to the peak 

Me and the cutest little Korean Baby Kang Enu-Yi
at the middle of Do du Bong Park
도두봉공원 올라가다가 우리 귀여미 강은이랑 잠깐 쉬는 중

Again me and Kang Eun-Yi at the peak of the park
See how beautiful the view is ^^

The nice view of the Jeju City, Jeju International Airport, and Halla Mountain after raining from here Do du Bong Park. People called the park as the head of Jeju, because it just located near the Jeju International Airport where people from all over the world step their foot for their first when they come to visit Jeju. 

It was my first time to see the rainbow in South Korea. It appeared on the sky after raining, and it just looked like painting in my eyes.

한국에서 무지개 뜨는 거 첨 봤다~
비오고 난 뒤에 무지개 하늘 색깔이 정말 파스텔을 칠해놓은 듯 한

한라산쪽에 무지개 떴네요! 도두봉에서 바라부고 찍음
드디어 전녁 식사 시간~
안녕 도두봉!!! 우리 아주 아주 맛있는 거 먹으러 가야지^^

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