Monday, August 20, 2012

JEJU ISLAND - Hamdeok Beach

I'm glad today I finally did hit up one of the famous and beautiful beaches in Jeju Island, called Hamdeok Beach with my BF. The Hamdeok Beach of Jeju is one of the beautiful beaches of the island where people can spend a whole day having fun in the ocean waters.

The reason why I like the Hamdeok Beach is because you don't have to pay for it to have fun there and it is safe. It offers many facilities to the tourists like the dressing room, showers, rest rooms, restaurants and drinking fountains.

We took the bus No. 10 in front of Jeju National University to Hamdeok Beach, and it took us over 30 minutes to get there. The weather was so good and clear. When we got there, the view was surprising me as hell. I felt like I wasn't in Korea, but in Venice Beach because the first thing I saw was palm trees and green lawn near the beach.

Green lawn and palm trees at Hamdeok Beach

I find it really nice here
The air is very clean and the smell of the ocean is nice too
The sound of the ocean waves were shooting and it’s super relaxing

It really is a perfect place for dating…heheheheh

And he said: “Now it is my turn to do the jumping shot”…lol

You can see from the photo how happy I was
Oh yeah….jumping up in the air at the beach 
in front of the arch bridge over black basalt

Another photo of me jumping in the air at the beat during the sunset

Capturing the beauty of the world around me

Me and him after spending time on the other side of the beach
next to the arch bridge over black basalt

It was my BF’s 26th birthday. We spent the special and wonderful day at the beach from mid-day to almost mid-night.

Celebrating his birthday at the beach

Well, this is my favorite shot
I got an incredible night view of the shore
from the hill above where people use for camping and picnic

Officially loving the night view because the beach looks like a beacon
With the light that comes from the fishing boats in the nights

It is also very popular for its camping and picnic area

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