Tuesday, August 21, 2012

JEJU ISLAND - Summer Picnic on the Beach

Today we felt like we wanna go out for picnic on the beach since it was too hot in the room. So, I cooked our favorite food Caldeirada de Frango and Chaomin. And we prepared to go to Hamdeok Beach which we have visited yesterday. Originally, we decided to go to Hyeopjae Beach which is located in Seogwipo City. But, because the beach is far enough from Jeju City, and we were late to go there, then we just made decision going to Hamdeok beach.

My Lunch Bag
나의 도시락 가방

함덕의 천녁 풍경 정말 아름다움  ♡♡     
역시 여기서  피크닉으로 와보길 잘했음

남친이랑 바닷가에서 피크닉이 너무 즐거워했음^^

멋진 여름 저녁의 하늘~

우리 남친 배 부른 모습...ㅋㅋㅋ
맛있는 거 먹고 나니까 기분 좋대요

천녁 먹은 후 나의 행복한 모습
하느님 감사합니다

Me at the camping place of Hamdeok Beach
My favorite spot from the hill up here

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