Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Computer and I

By: Natalina (Sogang University)
Nowadays every student has their own computer at home or mobile laptop which can be carried with them everywhere they go, and these devices are always connected to internet connection. Of course nowadays, people can access the internet not only by using laptop or computer but also by using tablets, such as iPad or Samsung galaxy, etc, and Smartphones, the recent mobile web surfing. I have a Toshiba laptop, and I think that it is very useful for me, it can help me doing my homework/assignments, using Skype to talk to my parents, and doing something fun like editing photos and videos. 

The good things using computer and internet are we can find a lot of information such as up-to-date news, entertainment, etc. In modern technology where competition is everywhere, information is playing important role. In this very competitive world information is above all. For instance, people can find job information through online; can get the most recent information through social sites, and more. The search engines like Google, yahoo, or for most Korean people search engines like Naver and Daum are the place where you can find variety of information just by typing the title of the subject that you are searching for. You can almost find any type of data and almost any kind of subject that you are looking for. With the social sites that human being ever created can connect us throughout the world. We can make millions of friends just by clicking on it. 

With so many great ways for you to keep in touch with them, like email and instant messaging services like Yahoo messenger, Skype, MSN, etc. However, sometimes internet can be facing grave danger. For instance people can steal your personal information such as name, address, credit card number, etc. Also, there are thousands of pornographic sites on the Internet that can be easily found and can be a detrimental factor to letting children use the Internet. I think perhaps this is the biggest threat related to childrens healthy mental life. These are very serious issue concerning the Internet. As you can see, each of us has our own purposes on using the internet. Some are using the internet for educational purposes, to keep in touch with friends or to advertise their companys brand or for online shopping. However, on the other side some people who are using for other purposes like hacking a companys site, or some related illegal action.


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