Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Response to Darwin's Theory

By: Natalina (Sogang University)
Since time immemorial, man has always questioned the origins of life, perhaps with this simple question “Where did we come from?” This sounds simple yet intriguing, but actually it has very deep mystery behind it which all expert scientists have tried to bring up and break, but it has remained unsolved until now. For the time being, there are two views that can be put forward about how living things first appeared on earth. The first view states that all living things were created by God, and the second view states that life is formed by random coincidences and beyond intent. Some people who have heard the Darwin’s Natural Selection and Evolution may think that this concept only concerns the field of biology and doesn't affect everyday life in the slightest. I think this assumption is a big mistake because this theory is more than a biological concept. 

I was introduced to this theory when I was in middle school by one of my professors who thought Biology. The first thing I learned in school about Darwin’s theory was Theory of Natural Selection. My professor explained that in a book entitled The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, the author as well as scientist Charles Darwin claimed natural selection to be the process by which the origin of species occurred. He gave us an example that there existed short-necked giraffes and long-necked giraffes, where the long-necked giraffes are those who could survive until now, while the short-necked giraffes are those were already extinct because it wasn't easy for them to get food by reached the leaves on the trees. Due to their survived, the long-necked giraffes were able to reproduce, and they passed the adaptive nature of the long neck to the next generation. That’s why all the long-necked giraffes are existed now. Besides the example above, there are so many examples that Darwin gave in the form of facts that he collected to support his theory. In my opinion, the example that I mentioned above does make sense, even thought it cannot be witnessed with my eyes since I wasn't born that time. 

In the case of environmental change, I am sure it is true that nature has always been changing. It can be caused by natural disaster, drought, differences in temperature and climate, etc. Organisms that live in nature should be able to adapt to the environmental changes in order to stay alive. The survival of a species of organisms is also influenced by the availability of food. We all know that organisms need food, and food sources come from the environment that has potential to provide foods. Otherwise, organisms proliferate continuously, so that their populations continue to increase, and this will lead to a competition among members of the populations which live in the same area. It seems like natural selection really embraced the notion, Who is stronger will be the winner, and the consequences for the losers have to leave the habitat and find a new place or otherwise they will die. Meanwhile, the stronger will win and stay in the area. 

I happened to think about this while I focused on this discussion of Natural Selection, that apparently natural selection does not only occur for animals in the forest. The theory is everywhere, and can happen in our lives. Joining a community for example whether it is in the neighborhood, an organization, or in the working world. If we cannot adapt and get along with people, of course we will be gradually eliminated from the community. This is where it takes a great emotional intelligence of a person, and not wrong if one said that someone who has a high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) may not work if it is not supported by a good EQ (Emotional Quotient), I mean it is not only competition but cooperation. 

To consider another of Darwins theories that I learned about at school, the Theory of Evolution, this theory can be viewed from two different aspects, namely as a historical process and how the process occurs. Regarding the issue of the Theory of Evolution which has been and still will be debated about, in my opinion, it should be viewed from different glasses. From one side of the glasses, it viewed as the evolution is the result work of human thought and observation based on the intelligence, and the other side of the glasses, it depends on everybodys belief.

According to Darwin's theory of evolution, the ancestors of human are apes. We know what is being said by Darwin's theory is limited, which means his statement could be wrong. In my case, personally I disagree with the statement said man is descended from apes. I am not sure whether it is true or not Darwin wrote this in his book because I didt directly read his book since I dont have any interest in reading this kind of crispy essays full with confusing things. However, what I have learned from school, all of my professors who thought Biology, History of Science, and other subject they always mentioned about this statement. They even showed the same drawing which shows several steps of how an ape turned into a man.
Darwin's Theory of Human Evolution 

Now, I remember when my middle school professor showed the drawing to us, we all were like What, are you serious sir Darwin?, and we started to mock each other by saying Probably you are the one who descended from apes, because you just look a little bit the same as an ape, until some of my friends cried because of being ridiculed. I guess all of teen students maybe did the same thing as we did when they learnt about it. 

We actually just learnt about the first creation of human being on earth through Religion class 20 minutes ago right before the Biology class, where they said Adam and Eve, a couple who created by God are the first human beings. Since that, we started confusing that did Darwin theory revelation was against the religions belief or the religion belief did? Anyway, I get seriously sick when I imagine about the ancestor or human being in a form of an animal. Whos going to be happy if somebody tells you that you are descended from an animal? I think no one, or maybe there is. Man is descended form an ape doest really make sense because a human and an ape are totally different species, so humans are not descendants of apes. Logically, if humans are descended from ape, why there are still apes? Why didt they all turn into men? Another reason underlying the difficulty of recognizing the theory of Darwinian evolution is why only apes were evolving into human, and other animals were not? 

Darwins theory has always been a big controversial issue. I think, things will be fine and there will be no complicated things, and even disputation between religion and science if Darwin only mentioned and gave examples of evolution about animals and nature, instead of the presence of human being on this earth, or if he has strong evidence for what he wrote in his book. However, I believe the hundred percent might be true that the first man must be a man which is Adam, and human beings are perfect from other creatures, hence a man must be come from human, not an animal.


Anonymous said...

Read the book of Genesis. God created Man and woman.

Anonymous said...

yes...i finally understand..thankyou!!

Anonymous said...

Allah created man with divine light and Adam As was the first man on world this is true .darwinism is fake world

Anonymous said...

if this theory is true , the why there is no phisycal change in hummens , since last 10,000 years or more ?

Rommel Atanque said...

Hi, thanks for this article, I happened to be looking for a free photo about the theory of evolution and I've found your site. Actually I borrowed your photo above and used it on my blog site with the same topic as you have. Kindly drop by if you have time, here's the link Thanks.

Anonymous said...

i cant be to relate about this topic,,,,

Anonymous said...

well all these are religious comments and therefore i believe that Darwin was probably feeling that he has benn eveloved from the ape descendants thats probably y he chose to do this theory to confuse the mind of many in logis versus religious beliefs and ofcourse the religious beliefs wuld win no heart feelingas its just a feedback oh n this article is really convincing but my bible is mre convincing

Anonymous said...

yes i have the same q.........

Anonymous said...

Your premise that there has been no change is not true. Evolution happens all the time and we are still changing as a species, and no one knows where we'll end up or how we'll look and act in a million years. We do know how ever that the modern man has only been around for a few million years and before that we looked much different.

Today we actually know what DNA is and how it works, it's a long chain of molecules that's copied for new cells and copied when we reproduce and have children. We know exactly how many carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen atoms it takes to make part of a DNA strand etc. We can actually read the DNA of a single person and store it digitally.

The thing you need to realize is that every human in existence has a different DNA sequence, it doesn't stay the same. Even in your own body it's not copied perfectly and bad copies happen all the time. Mostly it leads to bad copies that die, but some of them are what turn into cancer. Once you understand this, you also have to realize that we do change and will keep changing.

There is no such thing as perfect copies of DNA, so the DNA we carry as a species is certainly different than 10000 years ago. And this sis something we can actually test today, because we have the knowledge and tools to read DNA sequences.

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