Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We All Are One

By: Natalina (Sogang University)
Human being is a social creature that always helps and needs others during our life time on this earth. There is no one who can live alone on an island. Because of our social relationship we always encounter so many challenges and problems that even sometimes we don’t understand. One of the fundamental issues that always trigger the problem between us is what so called ‘Egoism’, excessive or exaggerated sense of self-importance. There are some who always look down on other people. They think that they are the best, above all. Because of these things we always face problem and conflict between us. But for them, they have forgotten that we all are the same, we all are equal. To that, let me measure it out, we are equal by one heart, one liver, one tongue, one nose, etc, that God had given us. Skin color is not the measure of our differences as doing by some countries right now. Besides, religion also never considered as the measurement of the differences between human being. Skin color is just the part of our body to cover our skin, and religion is only the way that somebody worships to. We have different skin color and different God to worship but that is to tell us that how unique we are on this planet.

Now, in some countries when they hold campaign to get political power, they always put forward this matter as the main issue, by saying that do not support this or that man/woman because they worship different God from us, or they have different skin color from us. Sometimes politics try to distinguish us. Until we discriminate each other through religion and skin color. But that is just for their benefit to get power. It never gives benefit to someone else when we discriminate others. Why should we discriminate our friends just because of the skin color or the religion to help someone who want to go up and get the power?  Nowadays, in countries like USA, these things are slowly diminishing. Some people begin overly nice to black people. They begin feeling that it is time to respect each other with dignity. Well, I have never been to the USA or other places except South Korea and Indonesia. However, since I started my life in South Korea, what I encounter in my daily life is that there are no people who discriminate black people.

When I first came to South Korea, the very first friend that I made was with two foreigners, they are from Tanzania and Morocco (a Muslim girl). Even we have different skin color and religion, but we always treat each other respectfully. Because when I was in the middle school, my teachers and parents always told me that: We should respect others equally as we respect ourselves because we are the same, Gods Children

I think all of us know about Sept 11 attack that made the USA and the world shocked, at that time some blamed on Muslim people because the terrorist is from Islamic people. However, I personally disagree what they did to Muslim people after the attack. Terrorist is only a small group of people in Muslim community, and not including the whole Muslim people. So, we cannot blame on all Muslim people on this world. I know that American people felt angry and hated Muslim because of the lost of their people on that attack. Anyway, in my opinion if this attack happened because of politics game between American and Afghanistan, and then who should be the fault? It should be Politics not religion. Why religion should be at blame on? And why Quran should be burned? Muslim is not the enemy. The enemy is those people who did the attack, terrorist. So, let us together to eradicate discrimination and make the world to live in peace.  We all are one, Gods children. Love others as we love ourselves.

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