Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Satirical Essay on Starving Children In Africa

"Far More Likely to Provide The Hunger Poison than Food"
By: Natalina (Sogang University)
There are so many starving children in Africa spreading like wildfire in the forest. Thousands of children die from starvation every single day under the eyes of international community. Many organizations such as United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Red Cross, Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s), United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), United Nations Organization (UNO), and many more are failed to provide substantial amount of nutrition to save the hunger. All they did was showing how delicate is the situation by broadcasting awful images of starving children crying and dying. There’s no one who could help to stop the children from dying in a terrible and pitiful way. Even those organizations did more harm than good. They humiliate as well as exploit African by showing to the whole world that they are dying from starvation. 

There are thousands of photos and videos on the Internet and news which show the pitiful starvation of children in Africa. Those are the results of hard work of the media and press that went to Africa for filming and broadcasting their suffering. By showing those terrific images on the TV, Newspaper, Magazines, and the Internet, the image of Africa is spoiled all over the world. Of course, the main reason they share things happen in Africa is to get the world’s attention for responding these food and humanitarian crisis and find potential donators who can help to end world hunger. However, viewers outside there just take pleasure to watch those miserable children dying as if they are watching FIFA world cup or such. Rather, their ultimate purpose of broadcasting news of starving children issue by showing a bunch of underweight children will just make people feel bad for only a few minutes, but then they will forget. So, conversely this is just to spoil the image of Africa, not to get people for helping Africa. Hence, they better stop filming the awful situation of starving children in Africa because people in today’s world are more shocked by the gay marriage issues or relationship between celebrities, or other interesting gossips instead of the images of pitiful starving children. 

More interestingly, if we try more to find out why International Journalists want to report the shameful situation of Africa, there is a basic reason which is revenge. Some countries in Europe that had colonized African more than 60 years to get the natural resource that Africa has, but they failed. So, they use International Journalists to tell the word that Africans actually has no ability to live their lives. They want the world know the truth that Africans still depend on them. Seriously, aside of spoiled African image, this situation has brought many bad influences on Africas economy too. Why? Since people are bombarded by the media, they are more likely to believe on what they see on TV and the Internet. They are making another problem that is worst for the economy of the old continent. 

Therefore, I suggest that rather leave starving children die because it is way less painful than trying to help them to survive. If it takes long for them to feel their pain, then those organizations that help childrens around the word, such as UNICEF, UNHRC, Red Cross, NGOs, WFP, UNO, far more likely to give the victims of hunger food poisoning to end their pain as quickly as possible. Just stop providing the medical supplied and necessary food, because if you let them die from starvation is way more inhuman. Also, since its too paining and pitying to watch them suffer, there is no other reason to live than die. You know, people were born to die anyway. So, it is insignificant that each year millions of dollars are spending to buy foods and drugs to save the children in Africa from malnutrition and starvation, because none of them reach the actual population in need for. If you do so, then it is just like you spend money for nothing. Keep in mind that life is meaningless if we cannot afford to live anymore.

Irony of Life

Besides, there is also another way to stop saving children from starvation. Slave trade can be a good idea. By using the donation money, some starving children could be sent to another country to be slave. Because people who live in big development country, in today’s world, they spend too much on their pets. Do you know how much they spend to raise and save their pets? I can say they spend too much. Comparing the pets that do nothing for their owner with the human being, I think it is better for you to spend money on starving children of Africa. I bet they will do more for you than pet that you have does. You can ask them to do what you want them to do. So, save their live, raise them instead of pets and give them little good place to stay. It is OK to make them as your slave. 

Stop complaining, step back and take a look at how much you have
Take the time to realize that you have so much to be grateful for

On the other side, if we see clearly, the fact that happened in Africa is the aid sometimes does not get to its intended recipients. The main reason is because of corruption on the receiving end. Some of the countries are run by people who take the aid and sell it elsewhere for their personal need rather than donate for hapless families. And, another reason is because of the charitys overhead. Some charities spend more on the overhead (salaries and such) than on actual aid. These are the charities that get into legal trouble. Therefore, stop acting like an angle that is sent by heaven to help those children. It will be better acting like an evil that provides poison instead of food so that the children will die peacefully. 

In short, those International Medias and Organizations sponsored by the international community still cannot reach their main goal. Not enough is being done for this situation. What they are doing still is more harm than good in their intervention on the starvation situation in Africa. However, dont surprise me that you are agreed with me. Do not get me wrong too. I am here not to say that people who give contributions to starving children in Africa were totally negative. I just sometimes dont want starving African children to survive. I questioned to myself that do people really care about them? If they do so, then why there are still so many people starving to death? Of course, they support hard, but still the more they support there is no end to this problem. Since I consider the fact that they might not be aware of the real harm they are causing and just believe that they are doing incredible charities. Likewise, poisoning the children might not be the best solution too. Although they are still unable to end the hunger.

Hope of Africa


Sherman Greene said...

Thanks for the essay.

Tasmiyah said...

truly amazing

DarwinsMyth said...

Of the pictures of the homosexuals on the left and the starving children on the right... both pictures shock me equally... just for different reasons.

Anonymous said...

Amazingly essay to starving people in Africa. great description.
a message from me just this;
" save the famine instead of saving ur pets"

Anonymous said...

nic ephoytos

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Anonymous said...

it is called UNSUBSCRIBE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do I get you right? You are complaining that not enough people care while suggesting leaving children to die because their life is not worth living? Next you are comparing them to pets and offer the solution of slaving them. What kind of life worth living would that be for you then?
If you want people to care more, I suggest, we should start with regarding everyone as human beings and look for constructive solution for preventing hunger.

nadefagus said...

This is a satirical essay

Lexi Haley said...

To "Anonymous" I write: Let us all be civil and mature. We are all adults, here. Let's act like it, and be respectful. She was right in her statements, nobody said you were wrong in yours, so let's all post the things that are strong statements, but with kind words, please. And to the Author of this essay I write: I liked it. You had very good points, obviously, from my previous words to "Anonymous". Great work, though. Thank you for your time.

Lexi Haley said...

Calm, now. :) EVERY LITTLE THING IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT! You can read my other post for details. Thank you, sir. :)

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