Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer Dessert "Patbingsu"

Well, talking about summer season, we are never be apart from ice cream, sherbet or such. However, here in Korea, what can we do when it is a bazillion degree outside and we are like super over hitting and melting??? Nothing is better to eat on a hot day in Korea during the summer season than this dessert.

It is "Patbingsu" (팥빙수) which is actually ice cream with combinations of many things including ice shaved, or in other words is ice flakes with various topings, as you can tell from the picture above. 

Let’s describe what patbingsu means. Technically, 
Pat = red beans (boiled)
Bingsu = Chinese world for ice + water, but everyone understands it as a "shaved ice" dessert.  

There are so many different levels of patbingsu which is actually using the same ice flakes and adding some different ingredients. For instance, strawberry Bingsu which is ice flakes with strawberry on the top and other ingredients on.  

The basic ingredients are: 
1. Shaved ice
2. Sweet boiled red beans

And the rest you can add 
3. Ice cream 
4. Fruits (strawberry, banana, kiwi, etc)
5. Dduk (Korean rice cake)

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