Saturday, October 19, 2013

2013 KIST Walking Festival

Well, I just got home from Seoul Olympic Park. I'm literally tired and feel like I really need my SLEEP. Anyway, let me share you a little bit about today's activity that I have done. 

So, today was the day of KIST Walking Festival or whatever they call it "2013 KIST 나눔사랑 걷기대회" in Korean. It was my first time joining such activity of KIST. The festival was held at Seoul Olympic Park. KIST families were invited, but some couldn't participate due to the other important activity. 

To attend the festival, I forced myself to wake up at 7:00am and got ready before 8:00am. My boyfriend and I left the dorm to the park around 8:10am by subway and arrived there at 9:20am.

Hm~Arriving at the park 
before the Walking Festival Opening Ceremony (9.20 am)
I told you, I am always ON TIME my friend!!!

I promise, the weather was SUPER DUPER NICE. It was warm and sunny. Right after the opening ceremony, the KIST family warmed up a bit by dancing, and then started to walk together around the park.    

Starting gate of the Walking festival 

The Festival stage

So, after done with the “Walking” program, KIST families had a short picnic, chitchatting, and lunch together. 진짜 보기 좋다 좋아~

Menu for lunch

Feeling a bit tired right after finished the “Walking”

My fave photo so far
I was literally tired, but Photo??? 
Oh yeah~~~mood ON babe

The couple after festival
I had so much fun with him 

This place is just soooooo beautiful
The photo doesn't really show it, but I promise if you go and see, 
you will probably understand what I mean

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