Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Most Annoying Things About Living in KIST Dorm

I have been living in KIST dormitory for almost one month and half. After two days of my graduation from Sogang University, which was in August 15th, I moved to this dormitory. 

If I compare the dormitory's room that I live now with the dormitory that I used to live when I was in undergraduate, this dormitory has much more space to move.

I love everything about the room and things inside it. The room design, the size, the bed, the wide size of bathroom, the desk, the balcony, the closet. Everything!!! However, there is only one thing that I DO NOT. I'll tell you from now. 

Since the dormitory that I live is specially only for foreigners to stay, then DUH~ I need to live with a foreigner. I was actually excited who I'm gonna live with. I wished to live with someone who at least has a calm relax manner, I mean respect her others or such. But, as what people say, "Things don't always happen the way you want or expect" is TOTALLY RIGHT. 

And, yup~My roommate is a pretty girl. She is nice, clean, but there is a thing that I completely DO NOT like about her. She is TOO LOUD. She TALKS a lot. She does CHATTING the whole day I can tell whenever I am in the room without asking whether I am OK with that or NOT. And yeah she TALKS even when I sleep.

The worst part was that she brought her friends into the room and talked while I was still sleeping. She even brought a guy to the room. What a SHOCK!!!! You know, they were in the room when I was out, and I found out when I entered the room.

At first, I thought that I went into the wrong room, so I closed the door again to ensure if it was my room. Then I put my glass on and saw the room number. And yes it is my room.

I was so freaky pissed off, but I tried to be calm and asked if she had a strong reason to bring that stupid guy into the room. I started ask the guy why he was in the room, but unfortunately they both were shock or whatever, plus they don't really speak English well, so they didn't answer my question. What they did was just looked at me and said NOTHING.

That made me repeat my question for the second time, and then for the third time. But they didn't say anything. So, I changed my question if theres something wrong with her computer, so she brought him to the room in order to fix it up. But, What the Hell??? The guy said he just wanted visiting the girl.

DAMN. My anger was EXPLODED and I started to yell and asked the guy to leave the room as quickly as possible. I yelled just like someone has stolen my stuffs. I tell you I was boiling mad. Why on earth are people so effing IGNORANT??? 

For the next day, I informed this matter to the International office and to the security as well. And, they arranged an orientation about the dormitory, and started to post warning message all over the wall of the dormitory to not bringing opposite friends into the room.

However, pity me that for the next day until last week I guess, she started to eat in the room, started to talk too much. She keeps her STUPID attitude, and I needed to keep reminding her to SHUT her STUPID MOUTH UP, and not to do this and that. Its just like a mother who keeps watching her 5 year old baby.

At the end, since I couldn't stand it anymore, I came up with an idea to set "ROOM RULES", and I discussed with her to compromise. And yes, it works until now. She now does not talk whenever I am in the room or sleeping. She keeps the room clean, so do I. We both compromise the rule that we made. I hope everything goes well and keep like this way.

I highly suggest you who live in the dormitory or live in boarding house that share with other people, setting "ROOM RULES" or "HOUSE RULES" is the best WAY for avoiding CONFLICT between roommates. 

BE BRAVE to say NO if you feel uncomfortable. I know it is hard for some people to do, but try to be HONEST with yourself. Nobody's gonna kill you anyway if you say something according to your feeling. 

So here
is the ROOM RULES list that we set up. 

Rules that my roommate and I set

BTW, I think I'm out of the topic. hehehe....So, let me go back to the main point, "INTRODUCING DORMITORY". The photos below are the dormitory that I live now. It is called B Dormitory which is only for international students. The funny thing is that this dormitory allows you to live there only for 2 years. If you leave the dorm before 2 years, then you cannot come to live there anymore if you decided to come and live there again.  

This is the map of KIST
Click the photo too see more clearly

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