Monday, November 25, 2013

My Favorite Coffee Shops so Far

Its been a while I didn't write my blog post due to being busy. Now that I got  time for that (Thanks GOD ^^!!!). 

Oh~ let me tell you guys, it is super cold, dark, cloudy raining outside there (and surprisingly it's still in fall season~GOD!!! What an insane weather), and I am sitting in the coffee shop, drinking a cup of hot americano while thinking what I should write about. I am trying to find something interesting to post, but I think it is better to go with  "reviewing sharing" my favorite coffee shops in the city that never sleeps (Seoul). 

Well, there are plenty of coffee shops everywhere in Seoul that I have visited. For many foreigners I believe STARBUCKS and DUNKIN' DONUTS are recognizable brands. But there are so many coffeeshops (the korean-owned small business), which is quirky in their own way with themes ranging from rustic to modern, down-home to design school, simple to fancy one.

By the way, talking about coffee shop, the things that come to my mind first are (of course) QUESTIONS. When did I start to drink coffee? When was my first time? And which coffee shop was I visited for the first time?

I am not really sure when did I start to get obsessed with hot/iced americano. But, I guess maybe it was on my freshmen year (second semester) back in my undergraduate. I remember that since I stepped to the second semester, where the school life was getting harder for me and I started getting busier with the bloody homework, assignments, and programming projects, I started to drink coffee. The first coffee shop that I visited in my life was probably Tom N Toms coffee shop, and Latte was my very first coffee. But later on because it is too sweet,  I then tried americano. Since then, I got obsessed with americano because it really keeps me awake at night, and yeah easily say as my life savior. 

You know this feeling right, when you got a pile of works to do, where those should be done on time, but you don't even know where to start, or you purposely procrastinate. And when the deadline is right around the corner, what will you do??? You definitely got STRESSED out, FRUSTRATED, and OVERWHELMED because things are not going well as you expected. So, to fight against the time you have left,  COFFEE is probably the only one you WILL NEED for REAL.

Yes, I admit that it happens to me all the time. When I feel like my time got so short to finish homework + assignments + programming projects on time, americano is the only power that I need. It could help me awake till  3 or 4 oclock in the morning.

Of course, individual has different reasons of consuming coffee. However, personally, I need coffee because of what I have mentioned above. Need to finish homework/assignment or projects that I got. Here are the coffee shops that I go the most so far:

1). Studio#83 Coffee shop
2). Tom N Toms Coffee shop
3). Starbucks Coffee shop 
4). Caffe Bene Coffee shop


1). Studio#83 Coffee Shop
This coffee shop is the one that I go the most. It is located near Sogang University. You can go there by subway line no. 6 and get off at Daeheung Station (exit no. 1). Around 1 minutes going straight, you will reach the place.

Check this link out  ->

The reason I heart this place is that it has nice atmosphere, comfortable seats, and it is very convenient and quite which is really perfect for studying. Besides, Some of the tables has stand lamps on it, complete with the outlets which is efficient for students looking to charge their devices while completing homework or writing papers. There’s also a bookcase that makes you feel like you are in super cool library too.

Iced americano vs. iced latte

Hot americano vs. hot latte 

Point card (front look)

Point card (backside look )
I purchased delicious hot americano and hot latte
and worked on my blog at one of their various table 
suited for customers who need a lot of space for their materials

The coffee shop interior design (on the second floor) 

Simple and small bookcase
And you can tell from the photo as well 
each person is busy doing their things

2). Tom N Toms Coffee Shop
Honestly speaking, I love Tom N Toms choco butter bread. It’s perfect to have with a cup of americano. The place is suitable for meeting friends and discussing things, or chitchatting. BUT, it is not suitable for studying I tell you.

One thing I like about Tom N Toms Coffee shops is they are having shops open for 24 hours a day (but not all, only some of them).

Tom N Toms Coffee Point Card

3). Starbucks Coffee Shop
When I want to have delicious coffee then I will get it at Starbucks. I have tried americano in many places, but if I can evaluate, Starbucks has the best taste of americano so far (Just saying~~~).

Perfect taste

Because too many people mostly go and stay there, I rarely stay in the coffee shop to study or do homework. I usually go there for refreshing and reading some magazines while drinking my coffee. On the other hand, the place is kinda noisy, and the wifi service is a bit complicated to use. However, for those who like Jazz music as I do, then I recommend Starbucks coffee shop. They have super catchy Jazz musics and they are so perfect to be listened. It is worthy to spend money on buying both experience and things. Plus, it is perfect for hanging out with friends and chitchat while having coffee.  

Because I found it uncomfortable for studying in the Starbucks coffee shop since they always crowed, I got these babies to create my own Starbucks looks alike atmosphere at home.

Starbucks Tumbler (텀블러) ^^ 올 겨울 걱정없겠다

Starbucks white mug medium size

Maxim Kanu mild americano coffee

4). Caffe Bene Coffee Shop
For chilling out, sometimes I go to this coffee shop. When I was studying at Sogang University, I sometimes went to Caffe Bene coffee shop which is located just across the street of Sogang's main gate. Now that I moved to another place, which is Wolgok, I go to the one nearby. The photos below show how the shop looks like inside (on the basement floor). 

Seasonal Caffe Bene Cup

Cafe Bene point card

Anyway, for you who like to hangout and ADMIRE/PURCHASE artwork, I highly recommend you to go visiting Samcheong-dong. It has plenty of cutesy and picturesque cafes. However, keep in mind that most of the coffee shops there do not have wifi. 

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