Monday, December 2, 2013

My 24th Birthday

It was Sunday morning 06:50, I was already awake. Hm~I’ve never done this before. Waking up early in the morning, especially on the weekend??? Me??? NO WAY!!!

So, this is how it happened. My left side eye got so red and hurt me so much, hence I couldn't sleep well. That’s the reason why I woke that earlier. Around 07:40 I got ready to go out getting some medicine at the nearby drug store. I was totally forgot that the stores nearby do not operate after 10:00 (Except 24 hours convenient store or some coffee shops). I then stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts and had 2 pieces of donuts, and moved to the drug store when the clock hit 09:30.

After getting the whole things I needed at the drug store, I went to brownie 70 cafe and Homemade Bakery which is located right next to the store (I will review this coffee shop later) and had a cup of hot americano (typical me ^^) until my boyfriend came and joined me.

Breakfast with him at browny 70 cafe and homemade bakery

The next time, as a present for my birthday (and to welcome myself to 24 of course), my boyfriend and I purposely celebrated my birthday earlier by doing whatever I wanted to. (I was treated like a princess...hehehe) So, I listed them out, and we followed that list.

Well, let me say this first. I still don’t believe that I am 24 years old now. Yes it is hard to believe that six times already I’ve celebrated my birthday without my family. My 24 years old birthday totally crept up on me and I was not prepared for it at all. OMG~~~is this real???? (I want to be young forever ^.~)

I wanted to accomplish more stuff before I hit the big 2+4, but I guess now that’s out the window. (Too late my friend!!! It really is ㅠㅠ) I need to work more harder to accomplish whatever I set before the next birthday)

I admit that, I was sad and bummed when I realized my birthday was coming up. Mostly because I still feel pretty immature, like I am perpetually 18 years old (Feel like myself now is just the same as myself when first time stepped on this Kimchi land).

I feel like I’m moving into a new chapter of life, where I’m a lil more secure with who I am. I know what I believe to be true, and I’m getting better at surrounding myself with awesome people.

So, after our breakfast and lunch at the browny 70 cafe and homemade bakery, we headed to Sinchon (신촌) for watching a movie. I decided to watch “THE HUNGER GAMES: Catching fire” at CGV movie theater since some friends of mine recommended it. To be honest, watching movies is not my hobby, but anyway we got the tickets for 18000 won (which was 9000 per person).

The movie’s starting time was 17:10, and we got there around 15:50 (I guess), or simply said we had to wait for 2 hours. DUH!!! We then stayed for a while around, took bunches of photos (yeah we do love capturing the moments), and had Starbucks coffee again while chitchatted, until we entered the cinema room.

오늘은 정말 행복했다. 늘 이랬으면 좋겠다 ^^

Both are perfect to have while watching movies
But do not ask why it should  be popcorn and coke???
Because all I can say, it is a tradition, no idea from where. 
However, I guess you can take coffee or any kind of snacks you like with you :)

I captured this Christmas tree 10 minutes 
before entering the room
Whenever I see this Christmas tree, I feel like home

For dinner, we went to a pretty swanky romantic classic restaurant in Sinchon, “TARZAN Shrimp Dining”.

Focused on the restaurant menu lists 

Well, you can actually tell from this photo how I look so freaky tired
And yes, my left side eye looked a bit red  

After my dinner party there, I have to say that I really enjoyed it a lot. Perhaps I was just particularly high on life that night, but I thought the food was great and the service was even better (+ free wifi as well…hehehe).

And because they said it is not a birthday without cake, my boyfriend and I went to Paris Baguette for getting our favorite ‘sweet potato’ cake and birthday candles.

Thank you GOD for giving me another year of life
Birthday cake from Paris Baguette
I assure you that this sweet potato cake tastes super yuaammy

Overall, importantly what I would like to express is heartfelt THANKS to GOD for HIS presence in my life everyday. I thank GOD for bringing me this far in life, for my loving family, for my health, for all the events of my life that have shaped me into the person I am today, for my friends, and for whatever ability HE has given me to make a living. Also I want to thank all the awesome peeps who remembered me today by sending me texts and good wishes. GBU all and GBM too :)

Happy 24th Birthday to me!!!  

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