Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Merry Christmas everyone!!! Finally I got a time to finish this post writing. I’ve been busy with my finals, but now I finally have a break for a while to blog.  

Anyway, this is my “another” Christmas celebration without family. I would be a liar if I said I am totally fine celebrating Christmas in this year without my family. Well, I feel fine, I mean just a bit fine with this year Christmas celebration, because firstly, I got used to celebrate it without family for 5 times already, and secondly, I have my friends and boyfriend to celebrate Christmas with. Yes!!! No more complaining from me anyway. I feel soooooo blessed of having awesome people around me to share anything with 'em.

As usual when it comes to Christmas (or such as New Year, Thanks giving day), I always want to try food that at least tasted similar to Timorese food. So, I decided to have dinner on Christmas either at Brazilian or Mexican restaurant.

Then, after asking my friends, we then all agreed to go with the Mexican food. We chose On The Border restaurant which is located at Sinchon. 

As we decided to meet at 5:30 pm at Sinchon station, my boyfriend and I went there one hour earlier. What we surprised about after getting there was the crowded. I've never seen this crowded before in last Christmas. I guess the reason why this place became more crowded and attractive than before is its street has been rehabilitated, especially the expansion of the pedestrian zone. I could still remembered that it was hard for us to step forward normally because of the huge crowd jams.

Seeing this situation, we were afraid if there are many people are queued for dinner at the restaurant, and, what we have guessed was right. So, since we still have one hour left, we went to the restaurant for booking before roaming around.

After booking, we took some times for taking some photos (Typical us ^^).

After done with several camera button clicking, we then go with the next plan, "roamed around".

I got a perfume (Pure Espoir Eau De Toilette - 30 ml) from Ettude House for Christmas

He got his new favorite hanna hat for Christmas
Btw, why didn't I realize that my perfect man
was actually a stylish person?

After the clock hit 5:20 pm, we then went to the restaurant for dinner. 

We finished our dinner at 6:50 pm. And for the next schedule, we went to Sogang University for mass.

The view of Sogang University Christmas Presepe at night

Here are Christmas Kisses from us to you all ^^
My friend Sonia and I after Christmas mass
at St. Ignatius Chapel, Sogang University

And of course to close the Christmas night, ICE CREAM cake was the first thing came to our mind. Asking me why didn't it be Wine or any alcohol??? Well, first of all because it was Jesus Birthday so it should be cake, and secondly because my boyfriend and I should go back to work after Christmas, so we could not have alcohol at that time. 


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