Saturday, February 22, 2014

Membership Training (MT)

The First MT with lab mates in my Graduate school

Going to Ski resort is the first thing that I wanna do so bad on the first half of the year 2014, and with the help of my lab mates finally I made it. Only a day and half I went out of Seoul city with lab mates, but it seems like a week stayed away from home. It has been a while I feel that way and think it was probably because I had so much fun and enjoyed my trip with awesome individuals that I met.

So, I just got home from Konjiam Ski resort and I feel tired and happy at the same time right now. Once I turned my laptop on, the first thing came to my mind was updating my blog with what I have done yesterday till a couple minutes ago. So, here are the scenarios. 

Yesterday afternoon, after lunch, I and my lab mates went for MT (Membership Training). As we discussed earlier, we went to Konjiam Ski resort and stayed there for almost two days. 

The resort is only one hour of driving from Seoul. We left Seoul (KIST) around 2:30 pm with private car and got to the destination around 4:00 pm.

After we reached the place, we brought all of our stuffs to the room. We really liked the room that one of my lab mates (윤식) booked for. Why? Because we could see the perfect view from the living room. Hm~Perfect interior design with a reasonable price! What a nice room!!!   

The view from the living room at the 12th floor

I could say that the place we stayed is luxury. It feels like we went overseas for trip or something like that.

Lucy is introducing the girls room

After several minutes, Lucy and I went down to the first floor to look around and take some photos. These are some photos that we took on our first arrival.

The back side of the hotel

We then went up to our room which is located on the 12th floor. Andrew, our lab mate, already prepared dinner for us. It supposed to be me and Lucy to do that, but since we both are not that good at cooking, he took our place.  Instead of doing nothing, we helped him to put all the stuffs for late dinner into the refrigerator.

Silly time with these two

Advertising Sojus

After having (simple) dinner, every one of us prepared ourselves to go for what we have chosen to do. As I am not that good at skiing, I chose to do sledding with 3 of my seniors. We were lucky enough that there were not so many people, especially KIDS (You know what I mean? LOL). 6 times doing that weren't enough for us, but we collected some moments of that. Only 40 minutes we rode (5 times + 1 time service) and it cost us 15.000 won each person.

The boss ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

We went to the room after that, earlier than those who did other activities (skiing/slopes/snowboarding). We got to the room and set dinner while waiting those people to come back.

It was already 12:00 am, but none of them showed off. I was hungry, so did the seniors. Hence, we decided to start doing BBQ but then two of them showed off.

Nothing much we did rather than drank alcohol while ate Samgyopsal in the living room together. And, what I impressed more about was the sharing session. With numerous of Soju’s and unlimited meat we shot the breeze until 5:00 am.

I went to bed for a while and then woke up again after one hour to join the free sharing. I learned a bit of each person’s personality. It was fun as well watching drunk people talked.

Aside from enjoying the whole day with the awesome people, I felt a bit strange when the drinking time started. A couple hours later I finally noticed that it was because I noticed there are differences between colleges' MT and Graduates' MT. I could say that undergraduates' MT is mostly having fun by drinking and playing diverse games whereas Graduates' MT is mostly sharing  about  the life (perhaps because people are getting older!?!? Not sure~)

The next morning, after meals, we went back to Seoul at 1:00 pm.

On the way coming back home, we talked about random stuffs, laughed while listening to the songs. Overall, we really had a ball during the MT.

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