Sunday, March 23, 2014

Quality Time

As much as I take pleasure spending my weekends by having a cup of “americano” in the coffee shop with some research papers in front of my eyes, the same amount of love goes to the capturing moments (here and there) with my bestie NIKON digital camera.

Ever since I remember, it’s been forever to escape from my real world (school stuffs) and pay a debt for what it is called “personal time” with the boyfriend. 

Of course, I enjoy what I do and do what I like. Reading research papers and working on some projects are the reasons why I am here at KIST. There is nothing to complain. I have heard this saying since long ago, ‘The more you study the more you realize how little you know’. This saying perhaps makes us to keep climbing because we think that being rich in knowledge is a power. In most cases it cannot be something that others can easily get.  

However, it doesn't mean everything is completed for me to only spend every single day by seeking knowledge without taking a day off to forget everything about school. I need to renew my mind cache and refresh my brain memory. That's all what I need in case to improve my “natural” memory for knowledge. I mean, getting the right balance in between my study and personal life time. I said so because what I always do is "study-rest for a while-study" straightly from whole weekdays to the weekend and then repeat the same cycle again and again.   

So, today I decided to spend the whole day of fun Sunday to refresh my memory by going outside and capture some photos with the boyfriend, since the scent of spring is around the corner right after previous two days of drizzle. 

I am so very satisfied of choosing Hang River as the place to go for. Primarily due to its location where it is near the place I leave (although I have been there many time, it doesn't matter!) and yet a very refreshing place which attracts many people’s attention to spend some times to do many activities there.

Well, let me just give the time to photos to do talking here 

Enjoying a relaxing and fun Sunday together!

Cafe latte and iced americano (Typical us)

Me in between Korean couples
I feel like I am a new person now after a full day strolling by the river with the man who stole my heart.  This is why I called it as one of my quality times. Also, not to mention, but remember ‘sometimes personal life’s time matters more than working hours’. I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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