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Most of the people (specially students) might say vacation is the best part of the year because they can have a couple of months entirely to themselves. And, of course the best part would be unbothered by books and examinations.

Unlike me, during the 18 years back then when I was still dependent I wasn’t that happy when it came to vacation. It sounds insane that I disliked vacation, but I had reasons for saying it. I still can remember well that I usually always spent my whole vacation by either staying at home helping my parents or going to Gramma’s house at the village. To be honest, my mom and dad are kinda conservative so they didn’t (maybe still do not) let their kids to go on trip with their friends or go to a sleepover. (Only if the kids have a great ability of lying would be pass =.= hihihihihi)

But, everything is changed when I started to step on this Kimchi land. I can do whatever I like and go wherever I please. I admit that staying away for home for many years somewhat hurt but I got my freedom. And I always thank for the opportunity that I get ^^. 

During my college years, I usually enjoyed my vacation by travelling around the cities in the country, doing some fun activities and eating good food. Since I have already visited almost all the popular cities I had no idea where else I need to go. I found it uninterested whenever I see people's excited expression of visiting the place that I am familiar with. I was like “oh…no…”, like you know the expression of no money no fun

So, one day I started to think why am I the only person who feel the same way straight whenever I heard about travelling to places I have been to. Later on, I found that it was because I always spent my time travelling with my BF mostly and I feel sick of repeating the same thing. So, I guess I need upgrading my program. 

Then, some days before my graduation day, I finally made it. I went to a road trip with two of my friends and my bf. It was such a great opportunity of recording a quality time with them. I paid a visit to the same place I have visited but the feeling that I got was totally different. Another one was spending time with my lab mates on winter vacation. We went to a resort and had a lot of fun together for 1 night & 2 days. 

And yeah, in this year go shortly "I HAD A FANTASTIC TRIP" with awesome individuals from the same center as me. Finally another great opportunity knocked my door (Feeling blessed and excited) to go on a trip for 1 night & 2 days. 

I thought that we were lucky enough to get a day off on Friday, which was Korean Independence Day. So, we came up with a plan to leave the big and bustling city (Seoul) on that time to a silence yet attractive place and come back to the city on Saturday. 

Where did we go then?!? 
We were thinking to do some activities such as summer sports, thus if there was ever a place perfectly suited for water sport, it’s Gapyeong. And, this was our destination for the trip. Gapyeong is well known for its natural beauty. It borders the mountainous province of Gangwon on the east. The north branch of the Han River flows through the area.

At around 10 am on Friday, every one gathered up at KIST and we left Seoul around 11 am. We were divided into two groups, a group with my friend Yoong Shik's car and another with my senior Junhee's car. 

As has been notified the day before that there will be traffic jam we expected that it would only about 3 hours to take us to Gapyeong. But, Oh M to the G, it was more than that. There was a huge traffic jam. Everything didn't work the way we want. We were stuck in the car for almost 6 hours. It supposed only take us 1 and half hour to get to the destination, but no complain because it was a holiday and it was a day where Pope Francis visited South Korea anyway. 

During the traffic jam, on the car that I was on with other four friends of mine, we playing some fun games while listening to some catchy songs to get rid of the boredom. I have no idea what's going on in other car. Ow~ I forget to mention that we also recorded a funny selfie video too for a mission that was given by the boss (our senior). And yes, we WON.

Regardless, why was this shit happened????? Why??? Arrggghhh....We experienced a little disaster a couple minutes before getting to the pension. But, fortunately we got help from an insurance company. Let just the picture explain it out. 

So, this is what happen a couple minutes when we were almost to the pension.
What a bad day! and POOR the car!

While waiting for the insurance help, this is what we did.
Photo time. LOL

But, Thanks GOD we got help ^^

Since, our group arrived super late to the pension, we could not make it to the water sport whilst the other group already enjoyed their time at the river. 

What we did after arriving is that hitting the swimming pool that pension has. Four of the group members, minus me were super excited once they saw the swimming pool. I actually have a water phobia but I just tried to join with them because I couldn't tell the truth.

After getting out from the pool, the other members arrived for some minutes. An hour later everything was already prepared and we started the PARTY~~~~ 

The FACES after the PIGGING OUT time SILLY!!! Tell me about it~

The fire works party at the bridge after dinner

I guess I have talked way too much. Hence, here is the right decision to avoid the boredom. I will give a time to photos that were taking to give a storytelling right here to avoid the boredom (Right?) 

Incomplete members.
Pose together in front of the pension before chucking back to the bustling city 

So, here we are at the River Palace Gapyeong (리버팰리스 가평)
We are still around here for doing the water sport
that we skipped the day before

Although we were tired after riding water toys
But still keeping smile :)

During the two days, we really enjoyed the brief summer break to our fill. It was a great and an enjoyable opportunity. We didn't notice and couldn't even believe the quick passing of time. It was with a heavy heart that we had to leave Gapyeong. Hopefully, the same opportunity will come. Thanks GOD and thanks individual for making this trip as a memorable one.

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