Monday, September 8, 2014

How to Make a Simple Wall Calendar (DIY)

I have been thinking to share how I do a DIY wall calendar, but I never get a chance to do it due to my busy schedule. Since I got my day off for three days because of the Korean Thanksgiving day, I decided to post it. Hopefully this could inspire everybody out there.

So, this is how I do my DIY wall calendar. I believe that there are so many diverse of DIY calendars out there on the Internet. However, I want to share mine which I think it is so simple and doesn't require you to replace it monthly. What you need to do is changing the sticky note only.

Sneak peak of my DIY wall calendar

First of, you want to make table using Pages (if you run OSX) or either MS Word/MS Excel. It should be 5 x 5 table since you only count the weekdays. The important thing is fixing the row and column size as the sticky note size (3.8 x 5.08 cm). After that print it out and post on your wall or any place near your desk.

Secondly, what you need is 1 1/2 x 2 inch sticky note (any color you like). 

And yeah, just write down whatever your schedule is on the little sticky note and stick it on the table based on the day. That's it. It is super easy and simple, isn't it?

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