Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Another long holiday straight from Monday to Wednesday, which means 6 days (weekend + Thanksgiving day)  for me to skip from the daily work. Yesterday was the first day of Thanksgiving day, and today was the main day of 'Chuseok' Thanksgiving day. Since the area I live became empty, my BF and I decided to do a bit sightseeing in crowded place like Gwanghwamun, Seoul City Hall, Myeondong, or such. 

I don't remember since when I feel happy as today whenever revisiting the same places (in many times for example). But I enjoyed todays activities though. Like seriously

Regardless, after the whole day roaming around my BF and I went back home at 9PM. And, when I got to my room I turned on my MacBook and started transferring all of todays' photos from my NIKON Digital Camera. While having ice cream, I went through every single photo. And what I found was that almost of them are spontaneous photos of me (I was surprised a bit anyway). It is hard for me to post any of my photos taken spontaneously, I mean I rarely have anybody taking at least a photo of me spontaneously. Hm~ there's something good happened to him I guess. And, this definitely be the reason why suddenly he did really good job in taking picture of me without me knowing in advance. By the way, I like all of the photos I saw to be honest. They turned out so good. Full Credit to my BF ^^  

I guess this photo was taking when we got out from the subways' station.
And I still cannot believe my hair is getting so long.
Perhaps I need to get my hair cut in order to save time taking care of it and money for shampoo. 

I still remember that moment.
I was so freaky hungry because just had burger for lunch since all of the restaurants were closed.

I have no idea what did I try to find in my backpack ?!

Because I am one of the coffee drinkers, at least I need to have a cup of Americano a day.
While we were walking inside the basement level of the Gwanghwamun square, I found this coffeeshop.
What prompted me to taste coffee here was this sentence
 which was written all over the coffee shop wall.   

I believe that I was curious and excited of trying out CAFE TIMOR.
The taste was not bad, but couldn't find the real taste of coffee that I tried a year ago at East Timor.  

This was on the second floor of the
"National Museum of Korean Contemporary History"

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