Saturday, September 20, 2014


NB: Ignore the reading part if you are not interested and just leap to those photos of my room! 

Did you have an experience living in the dorm or sharing a room with somebody else? Have you experienced sharing a room with someone who has disgusting habits, who act just like a kid, who you can't control, who has a pair of normal ears but pretends to be deaf and spends more than 2 hours watching/chatting without her/his headphone on??? 

I never lived with those kind of human being ever since I came to Korea to study. BUT, it is just stopped on the first half of the year 2013. From that time, after I moved from a dorm I used lived in the undergrad school to the new dorm, and I started to get more and more and more frustrated and stressed out by living with a person who totally has a set of those attitude I described above. 

Honestly, I am not a kind of person who get mad easily, but there is only one point. If you keep pushing me until some point, then you might feel me. And, yes!!! The girl I lived with got those tasted of my words I said. (Sorry that I am not sorry and never ever feel SORRY). 

Anyway, Thanks GOD! Finally I moved out from the dorm last week. I mean I did better choice to stay away from that evil. So, after moving out I did not have enough time to put every things in their places since I was busier for the whole week do my work in the LAB. And, I just got my room organized.  

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