Thursday, October 16, 2014

The happiest Days in the Year 2014

Now, I came to realize that even a small thing does really matter in case of making me happy. I 100% agree with what those who have tried this project said. Through this project which I have done documented 100HD offlinely, I start noticing what makes me happy every day, realizing how lucky I am to the life I have, starting to receive more compliment from other people, and so on. I have seen so many people capture their happy moments and then share them via SNS (such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) whenever I connect my computer to the Internet. I believe that individual might have different reasons for sharing their happy moments to others via SNS or keeping it private. However, personally I think it is fun and interesting to document mine and share them with others via Blog as long as it is not an illegal thing to do, right? I mean who cares if you are doing something that you are enjoying about!? So, yeah! I decided to give it a go as a part of my motivation in knowing how happy I am in this earth (of course I know that I'm always grateful for still be able to breath), and also finding new things/reasons behind my happiness that I haven't realized yet. (I will keep updating every happy moments of mine here in the same page). Oh wait!!! I do this for myself. There are no expectations nor judgments nor likes. The concept that I am going to use is different from the 100 happy days in row, which is random happy days that I have collected in this year. Well, let me S.T.A.R.T. Collecting!!.

[Thursday, 2014.10.16]
Yay!!!! Finally I got a MCM ID case. I have been thinking to get one for keeping not only my ID card but also credit card. And, finally it happened. I got it in black color at Hyundai Department Store-Mia Branch today afternoon.  I literally found it uncomfortable for me to carry my wallet which is big enough with me whenever I go for lunch with my lab mates nearby. Plus, ID case which is provided by my institution supports only one card, and I can't put those ATM and credit cards in the same case.  So, from now on I don't have to worry about bringing/carrying my wallet with me whenever I go for lunch or coffee with/without lab mates. Problem solved!!! Thank you MCM case. 그리고 오늘부터 부탁한다 

[Saturday, 2014.10.18]
I went for a movie with my BF. We watched a Korean movie entitled My Love, My Bride (나의 사랑 나의 신부) at MegaBox Dongdaemun. We rarely go to movie. Maybe once a year I guess. But, this movie forced me so much to go for it. Honestly, I pursued my BF to go with me a week before but he refused.  So, I went myself to CGV nearby right after my work because I couldn't help my curiosity about the movie. And, I was right that the movie is totally worth seeing. Thus, the next time I did again to my BF to go watch together, since the movie it's kinda for couples (hehehehe...). Twice of watching this movie isn't enough for me. By the way, I really enjoyed the movie. And, the special part was that I could spend my weekend not in the coffee shop but in the movie with the BF.  

[Saturday, 2014.10.25]
Dating time! After lunch, I and my BF went to Myeondong for purchasing a VGA adapter for my Macbook. For the next, we went to ABC market and got a pair of CAT leather shoes for my BF. Btw, the best part was having Kiwi Juice and honey bread at Caffe-Pascucci after the whole day walking around in the same place. It was so relaxing sitting there for almost an hour, talking while having our drinks. 

[Friday, 2014.10.31]
Good things happened at the end of the month. I am so happy and excited with the "give-away" project. I have been thinking to do this ever since I found out I have no space to move. But, I never got a chance because thought there will be no people who want to have things I no longer need. But, I was totally wrong.  Two days ago I had coffee time (skipping working hours) with two of my beautiful besties. We spent almost 3 or 4 hours staying there indoor coffee shop and talked a lot about girls things. And, I learned a lot how to not spending more money to things that I don't really need. From that time also, I found that actually there are awesome people around me who would like to adopt my babes that I have kept for so long. Even though it is hard for me to be apart with them, but I have no option since I need to spice up my room. I am so thankful to my beautiful besties who loved to receive those I offered. I have been waiting for so long, like really. I am super excited and hopefully they like those babes. Here are some of them.  

[Saturday, 2014.11.01]
After a long exhausting day who doesn't dream about having a perfect delicious dinner in a relaxing place?!? That's what I did 5 minutes ago before touching my blog. I am so blessed to be able to live in a big place (I mean in Seoul it takes long for you as a student to save money to live in a big enough space unless you are rich enough). And, importantly I can cook anything I wanna eat. Anyway, after dinner today, I prepared my presentation materials for presenting in my two classes next week. As long as I wanna end my day with something cool to please myself, I chose to watch Pitch Perfect (again 3rd times of watching and I DON'T give a shit*). Instead of popcorn and coke, I completed it with a cup of kiwi juice & Sausage. What a perfect Saturday night!^^

[Tuesday, 2014.11.04]
So, today I skipped my class. I felt like I wanna stay curled in my bed. After brunch, I continued sleeping till my alarm hit 4pm. Then, I decided to go to coffee shop instead of going to lab in order to do some work. I ordered a cup of hot americano since today's’ weather was colder that I thought. After getting my coffee, I got two e-mail notifications on my phone. Once I checked them out, I was like "What?!? Really?!? OMG!" I finally received my Web Application Architecture (University of New Mexico) and Networked Life (University of Pennsylvania) MOOC statement of accomplishments (SOAs) today.  
I feel very satisfied to have received these SOAs even though I am not sure whether these certificates of completion are really worth. But anyway, it is always nice to have something to show for one's hard studying and who knows they could be used as input to my résumé. My goal was to enrich my knowledge in both courses tbh, but at the same time I was truly motivated to get the 'certificate'. 
If you are curious what it looks like, mine are below. Or else you can search on the Internet because I believe there are thousands of people mentioned and posted it on their preferred SNSs. 

[Wednesday, 2014.11.12]
I was planning to do some grocery shopping as my refrigerator and pantry were already empty since two days ago. So, I went home after the work and left my schools stuffs and directly chucked to Home plus which is located 5 minutes away from the house. While roaming around picking things I need, unexpectedly I saw beautiful Christmas tree complete with its ornaments. I felt like I was in cloud nine when I saw it, and I was like "Damn I need to get one (I don't even care about the price tag)". I just wanna feel like home in Christmas day. And the most surprising thing was the price. I got a packet of it with super affordable price (only 15 bucks which means 3 cups of Starbucks americano), can you believe?! Just WOW. Btw, I really feel like home after setting everything up.   Maybe it is gonna be Christmas everyday for me from now on. So happppyyyyy!!! 

[Monday, 2014.11.17]
I think I've found my new addition. Online courses are probably one of my favorite things ever. And, aside from laziness of me to going out in the winter time, I found it is a perfect weather to get started with these kind of activities in my cozy room. 

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