Friday, December 12, 2014

BLACK LABEL COFFEE [카페 블랙라벨] in Wolgok

Some people (usually foreigners/tourists) always ended up in either Starbucks or Coffee Bean or Cafe Bene because they couldn't find interesting cafés in Seoul or don't familiar with the local cafés. I am telling you, there are plenty of cafés out there around Seoul since Korea is obsessed with coffees and cafés. 

Just the one right here, Black Label Coffee. The owner seems to be a model (I think I am rightby seeing the interior design where a big runway model poster and a short sleeve loose T-shirt hang on the wall. This makes the place look so classy yet unique and thats the reason why I love its atmosphere. I always get the peaceful feeling whenever I see the plants inside. I love plants since I was 12 years old that's why I love those rooms or coffee shops that have plants. Not only this, but they do have cool and classy interior design, yet it is located near the main street. So, it is perfect for those who like watching people passing by. Specially in the rainy day or snowing time, with their full length glass of window, you can get a great view and feeling. You could also sit under the sunshine outside the Café during the summer time, smoke or chitchat with your friends while having your drink. 

The only thing that makes you feel uncomfortable is that they have rest room outdoor. I don't mind it. I mean it is OK for me during the seasons minus the winter time because it is cold to go for several times to the rest room. 

By the way, if you got a change to come nearby Wolgok station, dont be hesitated to stop by. From Wolgok station exit no. 3 just keep going straight (~5 minutes) until you can see Dunkin' Donuts you will see coffee shop is just next to it.
Opening Hours: 
Weekdays 09:00 ~ 23:00
Weekend 11:00 ~ 23:00 

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