Friday, December 12, 2014

CAFE FLY [카페 플라이] in Wolgok

Café FLY has a unique atmosphere. Usually students from the university around it go there for studying, doing assignment, chilling, chitchatting, etc. 

Just several months ago, I accidentally found this coffee shop on the way back home from dinner with a friend of mine. I was so wondering about the place, so I came to the place right the day after. The place is ridiculous comfy, clean, simple, yet attractive with its unique interior design. And I assure you that this place is perfect for studying because many students are there for studying so nobody cannot bother each other. Besides, the Café offers low price for their drinks compared to the price others Café have. They also playing catchy songs which keeps your spirits alive.  

They have a community table in the middle completed with outlets which is really efficient for customers who are looking to charge their devices. 

Also, 3 elegant oak tables with 4 chairs each near the balcony (which are perfect for people who likes to relax by watching the view outside), 3 elegant oak tables with 4 chairs on the left side, and 3 round tables with 2 chairs each on the right side. Plus, it so nice to be in a place where you are surrounded by people who love what they are doing and do what they love (I mean the staffs).   

If you happen to be around Wolgok, make sure to save a little time to stop by. Trust me it will be worth your while. 

*How to get here
Get off from Wolgok station exit no. 3, walk straight until you see Dunkin' Donuts, then turn left  side you will see cafe FLY.
*Opening Hours
Every day 09:00 ~ 23:00
*Facebook page

The view of the coffee shop from outside
It is on the second floor

Cafe FLY nearby Wolgok Station

The stairs to the coffee shop

Since the students are trying to focus on for their finals,
the owner and the staffs play the tunes with a low volumes. 
What a nice thing!

Ward off winter chills with these delicious drinks, hot americano and hot vanilla latte 

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