Saturday, December 27, 2014

Starbucks Planner 2015

Starbucks really knows how to increase their sales in Christmas season. Specially here in South Korea, where the young people loves coffee, they obviously targeting those young crowd. So since I am one of those coffee drinker, I have finally completed the 17 stickers in 3 weeks (probably), and I got a Starbucks planner after consuming 17 cups of coffee (14 core beverages + 3 Christmas beverages) as they required. I believe that the feature of the planner provided in South Korea will be look different in other countries. Here are the photos of what it looks like inside the planner. 

So, here is the one I got. Basically the planner comes with three different colors (red, green and black) and two different sizes. I prefer black color, but I have no choice since the shop I went only has the red one. 

Lets take a look some details on the inside. It starts with personal information as you can tell from the picture below. 

Just like normal diary and planner out there that Korea usually has, the planner has month calendar view with some space where you can leave some reminders, notes, or whatever you please. 

It also comes in different themes where it covers pictures of the popular view in South Korea to start the month. Let the pictures do the talking because we all know that pictures always talk louder than words do. 

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