Sunday, December 14, 2014

STARBUCKS COFFEE (스타벅스 커피) in Wolgok

I am lucky enough to live nearby a place that has so many coffee shops around with their own themes ranging from rustic to modern, simple to fancy one. Considering that I am a coffee addict and love to haunt the coffee shops around me to try out all menus they have (especially Americano and Soy latte). 

Anyway, I have shared some of my favorite coffee shops that I visit the most. And for today's post I wanna introduce Starbucks coffee shop nearby Wolgok station. I know that it's toooooo late for me to do so because there are some bloggers who have posted the same thing in their own blog or other social media platforms. Though I don't care. Who knows mine can help others out too. Am I right??? 

So, this shop is located near the Wolgok Station, just right next to Home Plus building. From the station exit no. 1, turn right there you will see the shop which shares the same building with BBQ Chicken Cafe. It was opened in 2013. I can say that the place is always full by students every day. They always play Jazz song (as Starbucks has their own tunes types). Also, what I like about Starbucks is the taste of the Coffee and those tumbler and mugs they have.  

The back door to rest room

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