Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Yes, today I finally completed my 17 e-frequency and got this planner for free. So, let me explain quickly about e-frequency if you don't know what it is. E-frequency basically is kinda like sticker for promotion where you have it on your Starbucks app. You need to complete 17 of them by buying drinks excluding soft-drink in the store. Among the drinks you get, 3 of them should be Christmas drinks. After completing it, you can choose any of the planners they provided. That's it. Easy right? 

As I already have red planner this year, I decided to get this one which I think is classy. Oh yes, all black for 2016. (Just want to match a black tumbler that I got for my birthday by the way).

Starbucks Planner 2015 Black, South Korea

The design inside the 2016 Starbucks Planner looks quite different from the 2015 planner. Where there is no more stamp journey mission that needs you to travel around Korea to the destination that for getting the stamps. Now, what you need to do is just go to any Starbucks store nearby each month with someone or bunch of people depends on the mission.

By seeing this, I think you already know. The first theme starts by saying Merry Christmas. It has the calendar after each theme of each month and before the theme you will see a sheet for reviewing & sharing.

January theme. 
"Happy Healthy New Year"

February theme. 
"Yes LOVE's day"

March theme. 
"My Brand-new DAYS"

April theme. 

May theme.
"Enjoy Together"

June theme.
"Very nice to meet you"

July theme.
"Let's celebrate"

August theme.
"VACATION, DRIVING, FIZZIO. That's all we need"

September theme.
"Good things happen when we get together"

October theme.
"One for you, One for me, one for our memory"

November theme.
"Everything will be alright"

December theme. 
"The Perfect way to TREAT YOURSELF"

So, here are the picture showing you the mission. I gotta tell that since I have no kids yet, am not living with my parents, and I have no friend whose birthday on June, so I won't use the mission sticker of the first month of the year 2016, May, June.

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