Monday, January 25, 2016

Another H Café

Another H Café can be hard to find if you’re not looking for it. It’s quite cleverly hidden, only blessing those with knowledge of it’s location with its presence. From the outside it looks like a typical café in Korea, however, once you walk inside perhaps your mind will change.

The hours of this marvelous coffee shop are 9AM~11PM on weekdays, and 9AM~10PM on weekend as they show on the display you see before steeping to the stairs.

Although the menu is quite pricey, it’s a great spot to study on a Sunday morning (did you just hear Maroon 5?). The atmosphere is one I would imagine my future library or home café would have. It’s warm, homey, and there are plenty of places to sit where you can be comfortable chatting with friends or maybe reading a good book. I found that while the customers were few this cafe had an air of heavenly silence, and if you’re like me that’s hard to come by in a city full of people.

The decoration is absolutely adorable, and it’s one of the reasons I enjoyed this cafe so much. I think that coffee shops should be decorated, smell of freshly brewed coffee, and have mandatory plants anywhere inside. See what I mean having plants indoor?

Well, another interesting part. The cozy interior restroom.

The best I can do for now is give directions. You can get off at either Wolgok Station exit #3 or Sangwolgok Station exit #1. As shown on the map down below.

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