Sunday, January 10, 2016


The second week of the project "Coffee Shops Tour 2016" is awesome. Today, Sunday afternoon, I finally paid a visit to this hidden coffeeshop, PIKA COFFEE, which was sitting on my list since forever after have done some researches about coffee shops around Korea University (KU). I found this place as a highly recommended one among others on some korean blogs so I decided to come when I got chance. So, here I am finally. As you can tell from the photo below it is quite unattractive exterior of the coffee shop because of its plain wall design. But, trust me guys! You will fall in love with this coffee shop once you get inside. Anyway, who is PIKA? or what does PIKA mean? Not sure I can answer either of those questions, but this is located just behind the S-Oil which is a bit hard to find after getting off from Anam Station (Subway line 6) exit #3. 

This is the view when I got in. What I found inside was a very ample cafe as well as music that's not too loud as to be distracting. They have another corner on the left side (which is perfect for studying or focusing on your assignments) when you go straight to the end. 

Probably this one is my favorite spot inside. It looks so cozy and relaxing at the same time. The entire place is quite, bright and well furnished. 

They also have an outdoor smoking area which is kinda a small yard. But still people can sit there to enjoy the sun during the summer and spring time.

I completely enjoy sitting here and enjoying my hot americano (black coffee in general) because of the atmosphere here. The atmosphere is delightful and tranquil and for that it has completely won me over. Unlike other coffee shops which tend to be really compact and fully with small chairs and table to go for a complete combo, Pika Coffee is exceptionally spacious, which is probably the biggest reason why I like it so much. 

Anyway, I can't tell in detail about the drinks and desserts they provide since I haven't tried them. But, as other bloggers said they definitely have yummy taste, so you can come and give a try one of their menus. 

Another convenience thing is the clean and tidy indoor restroom which is so unbothered during the cold season.

At the end, if you are looking for a place with comfortable sofas and chairs to sit down as long as you can to do you project/homework/assignment or chitchat with your friends Pika Coffee is made for you.

Noticing that if you are a foreigner with less ability in Korean language you will find it a bit hard to get to Pika without Korean friend or any researches before hand. But don't worry, here I provide you direction how to get to PIKA COFFEE from Anam Station. If  you got lost, just simply show this map to any Korean you meet on your way there.

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